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Is there a Devious Desires/Wicked Whims conflict?


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First off big thanks to ColonolNutty for Devious Desires. I have the current version as of today (12.18.21) and it seems to be working fine so far, no issues with the mod working properly that I can find so far.

But I am wondering if somehow it is conflicting with ww. I know they are separate and I have never had any issues running both in ts4. And I am aware of controversial issues I won't get into here. But I am having an issue with ww instant undress and mccc throws an error upon game start every time. Below is part of the error:

  • Last Module Called: definition_manager.py
  • Last Function Called: _load_definition_and_tuning
  • Error message: [manus] Exception while finalizing tuning for <class 'sims4.tuning.instances.DeviousDesires_Leash_Walk_Human_Leash_Left_Hand'>. (UnavailablePackSafeResourceError), CategoryID: definition_manager:317

I have contacted ww and they said they had no issues. At this point, I don't know what else to do. 

When I click instant undress I can click top and or bottom and undress them to their underwear/bra. But in order to get them nude, I have to then click undress everything.

ColonolNutty, I do not expect and would not ask you to fix a ww issues itself. I am only asking if for some reason, something in DD is causing my undress issues in WW, an unintentional conflict?

Thanks again for the awesome mod and thanks for any helpful feedback

WW, DD,Sn,TS4 all up to date.

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