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Am I the only 1 with a devious desires/wicked whims remove clothing issue?


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Ok. First off, all mods and the sims 4 are up to date. And big thanks to anyone that has positive feedback.

I have a stripping issue. With wicked whims and devious desires both installed, I can select a female in or out of sex. Instant undress, remove top and the top is gone. That's great. But when I select remove bra, nothing happens. Same goes for the bottom half. I can select wicked whims, instant undress, undress bottom and the skirt or whatever goes away as it should. I repeat the process to remove panties and nothing happens. I have to select the option to take everything off to get a sim completely nude.

I removed every mod from the game. Tried wicked whims by itself and it works fine. I removed wicked whims and put devious desires back in the game. It does seem to have a stripping issue. When I remove the shirt, there is never a bra and there should be.

So as much as I hate to say this, I know the issue is DD related. Maybe something in settings I missed or did wrong?

My goal is to get stripping back to what it was before I updated. I could remove any item (clothing, accessories and so on) 1 at a time or remove everything at once.

 Using ww instant undress.

The above issues happen wether a sim is having sex just hanging out.

Thanks in advance for any help. And for the record, outside of the stripping issue, DD seems to be working fine.

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You're not the only one having problems with WW but good luck getting any help or straight answers.  Asking for mod support from that crowd is treated like a personal attack or something.

For DD, either a PM or doing the @ColonolNutty here in a post will speed things up.

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