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Isabella “Ivy” Valentine, Soul Calibur to S3 hair conversion


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Isabella “Ivy” Valentine, Soul Calibur to S3 hair conversion


  • Base game compatible
  • For teen, young adult and adult femsims
  • Disabled for random sims
  • All LODs
  • Polycount: LOD0 and LOD1=6736; LOD2=2072
  • Only available as .package


  • Pixelation and other texture defects the more you zoom
  • Some clipping behind the neck
  • Transparency issues at the tips and behind the neck when interacting with windows and other stuff that use translucent shaders


  • Original game textures plus Pastry-Box controls
  • Someone at Namco surely thought "stretching sections of the texture is such a good idea, no one will ever notice!". That generated blurring and pixelation so I had to separate some sections and modify their UV to attempt to fix it. Also upscaled the textures using ESRGAN. The bottom line is the hair will look different compared to the original with the benefit of reduced pixelation to some extent
  • No problems with normal simming and custom animations (although you should know I don’t test every possible combination)


  • I converted Ivy’s choker a loooooooong time ago but never released it, until now
  • Located on accessory section, earrings slot
  • LOD 1=648, LOD2=560
  • 3 color channels
  • Textures look blurry and will get worse the more 3d accessories you wear (nails, rings, glasses, etc)
  • Clipping around the shoulders and the neck depending on animation and the garment worn
  • I only included two sizes: medium and small, couldn’t make a large one without the mesh looking deformed


  • Original meshes and textures are property of Namco Bandai

  • Submitter
  • Submitted
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