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Anyone know where the modders who left Nexus went?


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I have an old list laying around here somewhere......

Here we go.

That was just FO4 though.

For Skyrim I know Arthmoor moved to his site (with the exception of USSEP). A lot of the clothing makers aren't seeming to do Nexus updates much. That I'm noticing anyway. (SunJeong, Melodic, Immy, etc.)

There is modbooru for clothes.

MwrorPurr (that name 🤣🤣; made MCM Recorder 😎, scripts with no esp, etc) has a pretty active discord with much of the active modders announcing new releases. That's where I get a lot of Skyrim modding news.

Really is a shame what happened but the filth running the Nexus doesn't care. 🙄

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