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Anatriax's Guide to a Tale of Two wastelands


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DISCLAIMER: Using this guide does not guarantee a 100% bug proof game. FNV is a very finicky creature to mod. Experiences may vary. Please report bugs back here (or in the FNV tech support thread) and we'll do our best to help you solve the problems. 


Hello again smile.png


If you are unaware, I am Anatriax. The author of "Anatriax's Guide to an Immersive Skyrim".


I am here today to guide you through my installation of "Tale of Two Wastelands".


For this guide it is REQUIRED that you have LEGAL copies of BOTH Fallout 3 GOTY and Fallout New Vegas. If you have pirated copies of these games or alter the .exe files in anyway other than how I direct you, I will not assist you in fixing your problems.


System Requirements for running this guide:

CPU: Quad-Core Intel or AMD with minimum 3ghz clock speed.

System RAM: 8gb

Graphics: nVidia GTX 7xx series with 4gb RAM; or similar ATI card

Disk Space: Have around 40gb of free space. We're gonna install A LOT of stuff.


My system (for your reference)

CPU: AMD FX-8120 8-cores @4.1ghz (Stock 3.1ghz)

RAM: 8gb Kingston Hyper-X (Non-OC 1333mhz)

Installed on: Kingston V200+ 120gb SSD

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (slimmed down and optimized for maximum performance)


This guide will be a MINIMAL install. We are going for MAXIMUM options and overhauls with MINIMAL work. 
(Don't be fooled by this previous statement. This guide IS NOT easy to follow. Even some advanced modders may encounter an issue here or there.)


This guide will be broken down into phases, like my Skyrim guide. Each phase is crucial to making this guide look, feel, and perform as intended.

If you are unfamiliar with my guide writing process, all directions and phases are compressed into SPOILERS so that you can more easily navigate the guide while you use it. 



Do not assume that since you know common modding practices, that you know how installing mods for this guide will work. GENERALLY yes, things will work. However, manythings may not work AS INTENDED if you deviate from my instructions. 

You NEVER know what useful information might be hidden in them wink.png


Shall we begin? Grab your Wheaties. It's going to be a journey.


Phase 1: Clean install of Fallout: New Vegas


Our initial step is to make sure that we have a CLEAN install of Fallout to mod, and that it is in the correct location.


If you already have Fallout installed:

1) Verify the loctaion of your install folder by opening it. If your file path contains "Program Files" in anyway, follow the directions of one of these videos to move it:


2) If it is not in the above location (or once it is), open the containing folder.

3) In the ROOT Fallout New Vegas folder, delete ALL items EXCEPT the "Data" folder.

4) Open the "Data" folder, delete all FOLDERS. DO NOT TOUCH the .bsa or .esm files.

5) Open Steam, go to theh "Library" tab, HIGHLIGHT Fallout: NV, right click on F:NV, go to "Local Files", And "Verify Integrity of Game Cache"


This will ensure that you have a COMPLETELY clean install of F:NV, without any edits from previous mods, and with minimal downloading.


If you DO NOT have Fallout installed, download with Steam, or use your disks and verify as above.


Now we will follow the same steps for Fallout 3.




If during the Tale of Two Wastelands installation process you are unable to complete the install, this is most likely the reason why. So I repeat, completely uninstall Fallout 3, and re-install it with default settings.

Next in our process is to make sure the registry entries, and default .ini files are located where they should be.

To do this, simply launch each game. Let it load up to the initial menu, then exit.

Some tools to help with performance while playing:

Unpark CPU:

Some will debate that unparking your CPU cores may or may not be a bad thing. In my experience it has greatly improved performance. You can always go back to default with this app if it doesn't help.



If you use IOBit or Razer GameBooster (same software), get rid of it. It's junk. It uses up more system resources than it needs to use. Get this handy little gem, instead. It does the same thing, is MUCH more lightweight (it never stays running. You run it once before gaming and forget about it), and you can put exclusions (such as Mod Organizer and Steam) so that crucial programs don't get closed.

Timer Resolution


There used to be a trick where one would open Windows Media Player to set a CPU's timer resolution to a lower value to optimize gaming performance. With this app, this trick is no longer needed, and uses MUCH lower system resources than having WMP open.

This concludes Phase 1 of my guide. Lets continue, and get some essential script extenders and tools for our installation of Tale of Two Wastelands.


Phase 2: Script Extenders and Tools
We will start by installing Mod Organizer. For this install, I am using v1.3.8.
We are using Mod Organizer for MANY reasons, but the primary reason is to ensure that we NEVER have to TOTALLY re-install Fallout again. Not everyone is like me, I have TERRIBLE download speeds, so it takes me days to download large files.
--Make sure to install Mod Organizer to the ROOT folder where Fallout: NV is installed (along-side of the "data" folder)--
Setting up Mod Organizer:
1) Click the ID Card at the top (Profiles)
2) Copy the "Default" profile and name this "Tale of Two Wastelands"
3) Close profile editor
4) Click on the Wrench (Configuration)
5) Click the "Nexus" tab
6) Click "Automatically Log-In to Nexus"
7) Put in your Username and Password
8) Click OK
This is to make sure that our load order is ALWAYS where it should be, to prevent CTD and bugs.
-- LOOT should now be automatically recognized by Mod Organizer -- 
4GB Patcher:
1) Download and extract to the Fallout: NV root folder (where the .exe files are)
2) While you have the root folder open, run "fnv4gb.exe" let the game load to the main menu
3) Open Mod Organizer
4) Click on the "Gears" at the top of the page (Executables)
5) In "Title", fill the line with "4GB Launcher"
6) Click "..." and locate "fnv4gb.exe" and select it
7) Click "ADD" then close
8) In the dropdown on the right side of Mod Organizer, select "4GB Launcher"
9) Click RUN and load to main menu (to verify that it's working)
10) At the main menu, open the console (Default ` ) and type EXACTLY "getNVSEVersion"; the answer should be Version 5
11) Quite Fallout
1) Download the v5.0b Beta
2) Extract the beta and install to the ROOT folder (where the .exe files are)
2a) Don't install the "scr" folder unless you are a MOD AUTHOR. It's not needed.
3) Open the "Data" folder, right click and create a new folder. Name this folder "NVSE"
4) Open the NVSE folder you just made, right click, and create a new text document
5) Open the text document WITHOUT CHANGING THE NAME
6) Add this line:
7) Select "Save As" and name this document "NVSE_Config.ini". It should now appear in the folder as a notepad with a blue gear. Delete the text document, not NVSE_Config.ini.

Prideslayer's FOMM-Fork:
We're going to be using the 32bit version. Install directly into the Fallout NV Directory.
Experienced modders or people who already have experience with FOMM can use FOMM through MO to install mods. This is suggested, though this guide doesn't cover that process. It covers general installation through MO
JIP NVSE Plugin: 
This is required for some of the mods we will be using to function properly.
Install as a normal mod through Mod Organizer
Lutana NVSE Plugin:
Also required for some of mods to work as intended.
Now time for some tools to help in our modding of Fallout: NV, for functionality, stability, and space saving.
1) Click the disc in the top right of MO (Install)
2) Locate "FNVEdit 3.1.1-34703-3-1-1.7z" and selct it. 
3) ignore the "No game data on top level" warning. Click OK.
4) Click "Ignore" on the following Pop-up
5) When installation is complete, tick the checkbox to activate FNVEdit, right click and click "Ignore missing game data"
6) Navigate to the "Data" tab in the right pane
7) Find "FNVEdit.exe", Right click, and add as executable.
Merge Plugins Script for xEdit:
Follow steps 1-5 above.

TTW Mod Conversion Script:
Again, follow steps 1-5 above.
Download both FNVLODGen 3.1.1 and the Resources files.
Follow steps 1-7 for FNVEdit, changing all instances of "FNVEdit" to "FNVLODGen"
Also get the FNVLODGen Resource Pack, and the FO3LODGen Resource Pack from the following link:
Now get the TTW .esp for FNVLODGen to get it all working in both wastelands.
1) Install all 3 LODGen packs to the FNVLODGen mod
2) After installation, right click FNVLODGen, and select Information
3) Navigate to the "Optional ESPs" tab.
4) Select "FNVLODGen.esp" and click the up arrow to move it to the optionals folder
5) Repeat step 4 for "FO3LODGen.esp"
6) Click Close
Wrye Flash:
Grab the standalone executable. 
Install to the "%\steamapps\common" folder, alongside Fallout: NV, Fallout 3, and LOOT
Add as an executable in the same fasion as the 4GB Launcher, except name it "Wrye Flash"
Once added, open Wrye Flash and generate a generic Bashed Patch. The purpose of this is to help manage and locate mods for merging in later steps. Simply move the esp files you want to merge below "bashed patch" in the load order for easy location.
This concludes Phase 2. In the next phase, we're going to install Tale of Two Wastelands, and then get some bug fixes. 
Phase 3: Tale of Two Wastelands and bug fixes
Now, the reason we're all here. Tale of Two Wastelands, and fixing the bugs associated with both games. 
Tale of Two Wastelands:
Download from the mirror of your choice (Bottom of the page)
1) Unzip the installer
2) Click on "Tale of Two Wastelands Installer.exe"
3) Select where you would like the TTW files to go once they've been completed.
(I generally choose the same folder where I have Mod Organizer download my mods)
4) Click "Install" in the bottom right corner.
5) When it asks, let it build the .fomod files
6) Click the Wrench (Configuration) in Mod Organizer
7) Select the "Plugins" Tab
8) Find "Fomod Installer" in the list of plugins
9) Double Click the line in the right pane of this window that says "enabled -- true" change this to "false"
10) Click "OK"
11) In the right pane, under "Downloads" you should see "TaleOfTwoWastelands_Main.fomod" and "TaleOfTwoWastelands_Options.fomod" Click _Main to install TTW
-- This process can take a bit, go get a drink or walk the dog (like I did smile.png ) --
12) Click _Options to install the options. We will be using the following:
"Anchorage Customization", "DC Reputation", "Fallout 3 Player Voice", "Fallout 3 Sound Effects", "No Karma DC Followers", "Skill Based Speech Challenges", "Stash Pack Options", "MCM Optionals", and "Wild Wasteland"
13) Click the Puzzle Pieces at the top of Mod Organizer (Tools)
14) Select INI editor
15) In Fallout.ini change the following lines:
SCharGenQuest = 001FFFF8
sIntroMovie = (yes this one is blank on purpose, it needs to be blank)
bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles = 1
16) (Optional) your system may tell you that it failed to write to %/steamapps/common/fallout new vegas/mod organizer/profiles/% 
Follow these directions if that is the case
1) Open your Fallout NV directory, navigate to Mod Organizer/profiles and select the profile that was mentioned in the error line
2) Right click "fallout.ini" go to properties, and uncheck "read only" click apply
3) Go back to Mod Organizer, and re-save the changes
4) Go back to "fallout.ini" properties, check "read only" and click apply
Tale of Two Wastelands "Unoffical Patches": 
Not following this, and breaking your game because of multiple and redundant packages is on you. I warned you.
This mod is not packaged properly. You must Right click and set the top folder of the mod as the data directory.
Setting your TTW Load Order:
The load order for Fallout NV and Fallout 3 .esm files is VERY important. Not having them set properly can break your entire game.
Make sure these ESM files are in this EXACT order. If you have problems, and I see your load order is not exactly this? I will hunt you down and pie your face. Twice.
Set this in the "Plugins" tab, in the right pane of Mod Organizer.
Once this is set as your load order, highlight ALL of these mods (using shift+click or CTRL+Click) right click on one of the highlighted mods and select "Lock Load Order". This will prevent LOOT from changing your load order.
New Vegas Anti-Crash:
Used to help prevent some CTD issues. 
-- This does not guarantee that you will not CTD. It only helps PREVENT SOME CTD issues --
New Vegas Stutter Remover:
1) This mod is not packaged properly. Click on "Data" in the first window that pops up, right click, and select "Set as Data Directory", then click OK
2) Right click "New Vegas Stutter Remover" in the left pane of MO, and select "Information" in the drop down.
3) Click "INI-Files" tab, then select the only .ini available. 
4) Make the following changes
Master = {
_comment = You can turn on or off each distinct feature from here.
bManageFPS = 1
bHookCriticalSections = 1
bHookLightCriticalSections = 1
bHookHashtables = 1
bReplaceHeap = 1
bReplaceGetTickCount = 1
bLogToConsole = 0
bFastExit = 1
bFlushLog = 1
iSchedulingResolution = 1
bReplaceRandom = 1
bExperimentalStuff = 0
iMainHookPoint = 1
Experimental = {
_comment =bReduceSleep and iThreadsFixedToCPUs can probably reasonably be used at 1.  > 1 is a bad idea atm.
_comment =other settings here you're probably better off not touching
bReduceSleep = 0
iThreadsFixedToCPUs = 1
bSuppressRandomSeeding = 0
bBenchmarkHeap = 0
bAlternateHeapHooks = 0
iHeapMainBlockAddress = 0
FPS_Management = {
_comment =Absent a good reason otherwise, bInject_iFPSClamp=1, fMaximumFPS= 30 to 85 (or 0), fMinimumFPS= 10 to 20, iFPS_Report_Period = 2000 to 60000, fExtraSleepPercent = 0.0 to 0.2
bInject_iFPSClamp = 1
fMaximumFPS =  60
fMinimumFPS = 20
iFPS_Report_Period = 15000
fExtraSleepPercent =0.05
GetTickCount = {
_comment =This section is disabled by default - see Master/bReplaceGetTickCount
bForceResolution = 1
bPreserveDC_Bias = 1
bPreserveHighFreqComponents = 0
bForceSync = 0
iSyncLimitMilliseconds = 50
CriticalSections = {
_comment = CS stuff helps Oblivion, Fallout, and New Vegas significantly
_comment = much of the benefit comes from the Renderer+0x180 suppression (see overrides below)
_comment = modes: 1=vanilla, 2=fair, 3=staggering(hybrid of 1 & 2), 5=suppressed
bUseOverrides = 1
iDefaultMode = 3
iDefaultSpin = 1000
iStaggerLevel = 5
bEnableMessages = 1
bEnableProfiling = 0
LightCriticalSections = {
_comment =LCS stuff is like CS stuff, but with a Bethesda implementation.  And inlined sometimes, so difficult for me to work with
bEnableProfiling = 0
bEnableMessages = 1
iDefaultMode = 3
iDefaultSpin = 1000
iStaggerLevel = 5
bFullHooks = 0
bUseOverrides = 0
Heap = {
_comment =This section is disabled by default - see Master/bReplaceHeap
_comment =I recommend enabling it however.  
_comment = Heap replacement can produce MAJOR improvements in performance on Oblivion at a significant cost in stability
_comment = It crashes instantly on Fallout3 last I remember checking
_comment = It seems to work on Fallout: New Vegas ?
_comment = Algorithms: 1=FastMM4, 2=Microsoft (slow on XP), 3=SimpleHeap1, 4=TBBMalloc, 5=ThreadHeap2, 6=ThreadHeap3, 8=tcmalloc
_comment = Algorithms numbers 1, 4, and 8 require external DLL files in the Data/OBSE/Plugins/ComponentDLLs folder
_comment = Size is in units of megabytes, and only effects algorithms 3, 5, and 6 (other algorithms dynamically determine their own size)
iHeapAlgorithm = 6
bEnableProfiling = 0
iHeapSize = 400
bEnableMessages = 0
bZeroAllocations = 0
5) Click "Close"
Armor Replacer Child NPC Fix:
Just to make sure all the kiddies where the right clothes.
--Do not install yet--
Reload Speed Game Start Fix:
Kinda self explanatory. JUST GET IT <30
-- Do not install yet--
Ok, now. We're going to be merging the previous two fixes. 
1) Install "Armor Replacer" Fix, RENAME it to "Merged Fixes"
2) Install "Reload Speed" Fix, RENAME it to "Merged Fixes" and merge when asked.
3) In the executables drop down (top right hand) select FNVEdit, and run
4) In the window that pops up, select ONLY "Armor Replacer" fix and "Reload Speed" fix. Click OK
5) Once the right pane says "Background Loader: finished" right click ON "Armor Replacer Child NPC Fix.esp"
6) Click "Apply Script" and locate "Merge plugins v1.9" then click ok.
7) You will get a window that pops up saying it's your first time running the script. Click OK.
8) In the following window select / change the following things:
-Click the box for "I'm Using Mod Organizer"
-Find the directory for your Mod Organizer install in the following line, by clicking the folder
-Leave "Copy general assets" unchecked. Skip to "Other Options" section
-Change "Asset Destination directory" to "%\Fallout NV\Mod Organizer\Overwrite"
-Uncheck "Batch Copy Assets" This doesn't need to be done, as all mods we'll be merging will be in the same MO folder
9) Click OK
10) In the next window, make sure that both .esp files are check marked, then click OK
11) Click "Proceed"
12) There will be a window with a drop down. Make sure it says "Create New File" then click OK
13) Name this file "Merged Fixes" and click OK
14) After the script has ran you'll see a message in the right pane that says "Apply Script Done"
15) Click the red X at the top to CLOSE FNVEdit
16) The window that pops up is to SAVE changes that you have made. Make sure that ONLY "Merged Fixes.esp" is checked, then click OK
17) Double click on "Overwrite" in the bottom of the left pane of Mod
18) Drag "Merged Fixes.esp" into the "Merged Fixes" mod that we created previously.
19) Drag the remaining files into the "Merge Plugins" mod that we added in phase 2.
20) Right click "Merged Fixes" in the left pane, select Information, and navigate to the "Optional ESP" tab
21) Highlight "Armor Replacer" and click the up arrow. Repeat for "Reload Speed"
22) Click Close. 
OWB Sonic Emmitter Projectile Fix:
Yup, another one of those self explanatory fixes.
Run LOOT, and launch Fallout with the 4GB Launcher (ALWAYS USE THIS LAUNCHER), and load to main title to verify that it works. If you want, you can go ahead and start a new game, and progress far enough to leave the vault. I highly advise at least ATTEMPTING this at THIS point in particular. Crashes HAVE been known to happen in Vault 101, specifically around the Birthday Party Event.

If you ABSOLUTELY cannot get past the birthday party event, here is the save that I JUST made (crash free)
It's not a "perfect" save. I just rushed through getting out of the vault as fast as possible, but you WILL level as soon as you exit the vault.
[attachment=202539:Save 4 Marie Vault 101 Entrance 00 35 38.7z]
Well, this is the end of Phase 3. Tomorrow, I will come back, and we'll do the next step. Installing ENB. 
I have carefully gone through several ENB presets to find ONE ENB that fits BOTH wastelands quite well. I hope you are as pleased with my choice as I am smile.png
Phase 4: ENB, Lighting, and Weather
ENB Binary:
Download, extract, then copy d3d9.dll and enbhost.exe to your ROOT folder of Fallout NV
Move d3d9.dll to the folder named "exes"
Overgrowth ENB:
Download and extract the .rar. 
Copy ALL contained files to the Fallout NV ROOT folder. 
Setting up enblocal.ini
1) Open enblocal.ini with Notepad++ (Preferably. If you don't have it, I suggest getting it.)
2) Find "VideoMemorySizeMb=2048" under [MEMORY]
3) Right click on your DESKTOP, select "Screen Resolution"
4) Above the "Apply" button, there is a blue link that says "Advanced Settings"
5) look for "Total Available Graphics Memory"
6) Change the value of 2048 in step 2, to what value is placed there (For me it's 7889)
7) Find "MaxAnisotropy=16" under [ENGINE]
8) Change this value to 4. 16 is not needed, and will kill your FPS
9) Save and close

Some minor changes to enbseries.ini
1) open enbseries.ini with Notepad++
2) Find the "Effects" section of enbseries.ini
3) Change the falues for SSAO-SSIL and DOF to false
The reasons for this change: SSAO can cause some strange lighting bugs that got on my nerves, and it has a heavy performance impact. DOF turned off looks more realistic, in my opinion. Turning DOF off also reduces the performance impact greatly, and can help with stuttering and frame rate issues.
More changes for ENB:
1) Open Mod Organizer
2) In the dropdown box for executables, select Fallout Launcher
3) Select Options
4) Disable Antialiasing and Anisotropic Filtering. Make sure HDR is on. Make sure Vertical Sync is on.
5) Click OK, then EXIT
Nevada Skies - TTW Edition
To make realistic weather systems wink.png
1) Download with MO and then double click to install
2) Click MANUAL on the first popup
3) Right click "Data" then "Set as data directory"
4) Uncheck "Ultimate DLC Edition", and "Basic Edition". We won't need them for this installation. 
5) Click OK
--NOTE: Nevada Skies must ALWAYS be right before Bashed Patch 0.esp in your load order--
TTW - Realistic Interior Lighting:
Just install like any other mod smile.png
Interior Lighting Overhaul: 
Get the NMM Version
1) Extract the archive with 7z in the download folder.
2) Click the disc in the top left corner (Install)
3) Find the extracted "Interior Lighting Overhaul" folder
4) Find the .fomod file contained within, and run.
5) Simply click NEXT or OK in all windows that pop up. Everything we will install is already recognized.
This is the end of Phase 4.
Phase 5: User Interface and Prjoect Nevada
For this section of the guide, we're going to be covering UI overhauls, and the biggest game overhaul we'll use: Project Nevada. 
Darnified UI:
Follow these instructions to make DarnUI compatible with TTW:
1) Click the puzzle pieces (Tools)
2) Select .ini config
3) Change this section in both fallout.ini and falloutprefs.ini
4) Navigate to your root install folder of Fallout NV (The one with the .exe files)
5) Open fallout_default.ini, and make the above changes
Advanced Recon Trap Detection: 
Because we all love Gopher, his mods, and his sexy voice.
Make sure to grab Trap Detection and both optional files, as well as this required file:
1) As you install, merge each file into the initial file. 
2) Once all files are installed DO NOT tick the TTW Advanced Recon.esp. Leave it unchecked.
3) Open FNV Edit
4) On the first pop-up, make sure that ONLY "- DLC.esp", "- Perk.esp", and "- Traponator 4000.esp" are selected.
5) Click ok.
6) Once "background Loader: Finished" appears in the bottom of the right pane
7) Right click on "Detect Traps - DLC.esp", select "Apply Script"
8) Find "Merge Plugins v1.9" and click OK
9) In the next popup ensure that ONLY the "- ***.esp" files are selected. Not Detect Traps.esm or anything else.
10) Click OK, then "Proceed" on the next popup, then OK on the one after that
11) Name the file "Detect Traps - Merged" then click OK
12) When "Apply Script Done" appears in the right window, click the red X to close and save
13) Make sure that there is only ONE .esp file to be saved, the one we JUST created. (if this esp doesn't appear at all, uncheck all .esp files and try again, something didn't go through properly)
14) There will be files in your overwrite mod. Move our created .esp file to "Advanced Recon Trap Detection" and the "Edit Scripts" folder to FNVedit. 
15) Right click on Advanced Recon Trap Detection, and select "Information"
16) Navigate to the "Optional ESPs" tab
17) Highlight and move up the 3 .esp files that we just merged. NOT the new one we just created.
Advanced Recon Range Finder:
Adds a range finder to scoped weapons, and covers up to 200m. Pretty handy, actually smile.png
Install as normal. 
Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision:
Get the core file, and the file for Project Nevada. Merge the two with MO when installing.
Advanced Recon - TTW Patch
Just an .esp file. Install it as normal.
JIP Realistic Weapon Overheating:
We're going for realism, right? Indeed we are. Here ya go...
JIP Selective Fire:
Because really... what assault rifle doesn't have single shot and burst settings? c'mon...
JIP Companions Command & Control
We want our followers to do what we tell them, yeah? This makes it a lot easier.
Project Nevada:
Let the fomod installer run, when it pops up, simply click "Install"
Project Nevada - Extra Options:
Same thing as with Project Nevada. Leave the unchecked box, unchecked.
Project Nevada - TTW Patch:
Thanks Roy <3 
The Mod Configuration Menu - MCM:
Required by MANY of our mods in order for them to function properly; also allows us to configure said mods.
The Weapon Mod Menu:
A replacement for the vanilla weapon mod menu. Adds a few key features.
DarnUI - Revisiting this:
What we're going to do now is grab "DUINVv04" in the left pane of MO, and slide it down below The Weapon Mod Menu. 
This is to make sure that DarnUI isn't overwritten in any way.
One HUD -oHUD:
This mod includes: Immersive HUD, Adjustable HUD, and Extra HUD all in one handy mod.
UIO - UI Organizer: 
Helps make sure that all UI and HUD mods are working together the way they should.

This is just a simple conversion of the Fallout 3 flash-light. This is NOT the FNV Flash-light that you have to find. This mod is my conversion (thanks to the conversion script) that I have uploaded to save you a little time.
CASM with MCM:
Auto-save functionality. Use MCM to configure frequency.
Centered 3rd Person Camera:
Because it just looks strange with everything off to the side, instead of having a TRUE 3rd person feel.
Choose ONE option: Normal or Un-raised. 
FNV Classic Worldmap:
More detailed world map.
This mod is not packaged properly. Right click on the top (Data) folder, and set as data directory.
Project Nevada - Med-X Fix:
Because who wants to get addicted after one dose? I mean really... we're not smoking crack here............ or are we?
Traits Menu DarNified:
Implements DarNUI functionality in the traits menu.
Phase 6: Body and Armor replacers
Type 3 Body - Beware of Girl:
Get the FOMOD file, and install with FOMM.
1) Open FOMM with MO executables
2) On the right side click "Package Manager"
3) Click "Add FOMod"
4) Locate the BoG file and add.
5) Double click on added FOMod in package manager to install. Use either HD base or HD Cali. Any other options are up to you.
6) When done, close all FOMM windows.
7) Locate your Overwrite mod, and right click to create mod. Name it "BoG Type 3 C-cup.
8) Tick the check box next to the newly added mod. 
BNB Body:
Grab only the body. 
This mod is not packaged properly for install through MO. Expand "BNB BODY" folder, right click on "MAIN" and set as data directory.
This mod is not packaged properly for install. 
Expand "K2_Berry_CCup_BNB_Replacer", then right click on the "Data" folder, and add as data directory. Click OK.
Install all armors into a folder named "T3 armors and outfits" This is to make sure that all mods are in one folder for later merging
Type 3 Armors - Fallout 3 files:
Grab any of these you feel that you like. Some may have BNB, some may not. If not, there are tutorials on how to make BNB physics work. Links are provided on the K2's Berry Boobs link above.
Follow the directions included with the conversion script from phase 2 in order to convert the .esm and .esp files from FO3 to TTW compatible. 

Type 3 Armors - Fallout NV files:
These are to set many of the armors in game to Type3. ALL armors across FO3 and FNV MAY NOT be covered. Most should be. 

Suggested armors to add:

Kozzz kit:
These are all wonderfully sexy clothes placed in Good Springs. If you know how, you can open FNVEdit, and add them to containers in the Capitol Wastelands. 
-----Take the time here to install ANY Armor mods that you are planning on using. Get the BNB version, if available-----
Breezes Males All in One - NMM Compatible:
1) Open FNVEdit by selecting it in the drop down in the top right of MO and clicking RUN
2) Select ONLY the two "bz***.esp" files
3) Once loading is done right click the TOP "bz***.esp" file and select "Apply Script"
4) In the window that pops up make sure the two .esp's are selected
5) Click OK, then click PROCEED
6) Name this "Breezes - Merged"
7) When the script is done save and exit.
8) Move the merged .esp into the Breezes mod
9) Right click ont he Breezes mod, select information
10) Navigate to the "Optional ESPs" Tab
11) Select and move up both of the "bz***.esp" files
12) Close and activate "Breezes - Merged" in the right pane.
Weapon Animation Replacers:
Get both "The Commando" and "The Professional" packages from the first link
--The Professional Special Instructions:
1) Expand "Core Animations" all the way to the "_1stperson" and "_male" folders.
2) Choose one option from "First Person Animations" under "Optional Stances" (View the .jpg to see what they look like)
3) Expand this folder all the way to the "_1stperson" folder.
4) Move the contained .kf file up and drop it into the "_1stperson" folder under "Core Animations"
--I use Option 2 here. You may prefer a different look--
5) Choose a stance from "Third Person Animations" under "Optional Stances" (View the .jpgs to see what they look like)
--I use Heroic here.--
6) Choose a hand position. Try to get it to match your First Person Animation to increase immersion (View the .jpg to see what they look like)
7) Expand "_male" under "Core Animations" and your chosen option out to "_male"
8) Copy the contained .kf files from your option to the "_male" folder under "Core Animations" (don't forget to copy the "locomotion" folder)
9) Right click on "Core Animations" and then set as data directory, then click OK
--The Commando Special Instructions: Use the instructions above to install the Commando in a similar fashion. 
--MERGE when asked. 
This is the end of Phase 6. Next, we begin covering the wastelands with new textures, and filling out some of the buildings in both wastelands.
Phase 7: Filling out and covering the wastelands (Optional: dependant on system)
This phase is all about filling out and covering the wastelands with high resolution textures, so that the game looks beautiful smile.png
TTW-Interiors Project:
Fills out the interiors of the Capitol Wastelands, and NV. 
NMC's Texture Pack for Fallout 3:
Get the Maximum Pack. Yes. It's huge. Get it anyway. 
NMC's Texture Pack for Fallout New Vegas:
Get all 3 parts of the Large pack, Large Texture Pack Patches, Washed Out Wasteland for Large/Medium. 
TTW NMC Clean and Combine Scripts:
Follow the listed instructions to cleanup and combine the textures for TTW install. 
Once cleanup and combine is completed, use 7zip to compress, and install with Mod Organizer. 
The archive won't be packaged properly for install with MO, right click the top folder and set as data directory until "Looks Good" appears in the bottom left corner.
Vurt's Flora Overhaul TTW Edition:
Best plants ever!!!
--During install make sure to apply the Poco Bueno Texture Pack Patch--
--During install make sure to apply the "No-AA version"
Audley's Misc Textures:
Grab both the main file, and the Fear and Loathing files. 
These files are not packaged properly, right click the top folder and set it as the data directory.
Improved LOD Noise Texture:
So small but so big!!! Grab the first one, install, then the second and merge when asked.
Mojave Nights:
Pretty sky :3 Makes you just want to grab a bottle of Nuka Cola, lay out under the stars, and hope that some Super Mutants don't come along to ruin your peaceful evening.
Grab the main file, then any optionals you like. I just grab the main file.
This mod is not packaged properly. Right click the top folder, and set as data directory.
Phase 7B: Optimizing the Textures (REQUIRED if you have used Phase 7)
Get both DDSopt and DDSopt - Pre-release - Update 4
1) Close all software. 
2) Create a folder on your desktop labeled "Texture Optimizations"
3) Move DDSopt and Update 4 archives to this folder
4) Extract DDSopt first, then Update 4 over top of it into the same folder. 
5) Create a new folder inside "Texture Optimizations", name this folder "Mod Extracted"
6) Download the current set of batch files from this location:
7) Move and extract to "Texture Optimizations" 
8) Open a SECOND Explorer Window (Windows Key + E) and navigate to %/Fallout NV/Mod Organizer/Mods
9) Locate the texture packs that we installed in Phase 7
10) In the first Explorer window, open the "Mod Extracted" folder
11) MOVE the texture packs from Phase 7 into this folder 
--CTRL+click each one. Once all mods are highlighted, drag them over with RIGHT click, select MOVE in the drop down--
12) Run "4_Fallout_Pre-optimization_2.8.bat"
13) A command prompt (DOS box) will pop up. Let it do it's think for a moment.
14) You will get a prompt. Press "Y" then Enter to let the batch file complete running.
15) Check the generated "Log" file for any errors.
You are now ready to reduce these textures a bit and make them run more smoothly and not be as hard on your system!!!
Open this link:
Scroll ALL THE WAY down to the bottom, and follow steps 1-20. 
Phase 8: Who said the armory was light?
In this phase we're going to add new weapons, and enhanced visuals for said weapons.
Weapons of the New Millenia:
Get v1.1a (obviously)
1) Open FOMM by selecting it in the drop down on the right of MO and clicking RUN
2) Click "Package Manager"
3) Click "Add FOMod"
4) Find "Weapons of the New Millenia" and click OK
5) Wait for it to load (This can take a bit sometimes and it may seem like FOMM is not responding)
6) Double click on "Weapons of the New Millenia" and wait for FOMod to prepare.
7) In the window that pops up, select "Integrated Leveled Lists" and any other options you want.
8) Click Next
9) Click Done
10) When the next window pops up select "Yes to all"
11) Close FOMM
12) Right click on your overwrite mod, and create "Weapons of the New Millenia" in MO
14) Open your "Downloads" folder (default Windows folder) 
15) Right click on the Mod we've just created in MO, select "Open in Explorer"
16) Copy and paste the downloaded .esp file into this folder. 
17) Close both windows
18) Right click on "Weapons of the New Millenia" again, and select Information
19) Go to "Optonal ESPs" tab
20) Move "Weapons.of.the.New.Millenia.Leveled.Lists.esp" up in this window, and close.
EVE - TTW (Energy Visuals Enhanced / Essential Visual Enhancements):
Follow this link, and RoyBatty's installation instructions to the letter. 
Grab the "Gaming Rig" version. This way we get the balance of effect and performance that this guide is all about.
That's it for the weapons phase. Yes, I know it's not "a lot" of weapons, but the goal was to fill out the selection that the default game has. Which I feel is quite bland.
Phase 9: Wrapping things up to play
First thing's first, we're going to get a few last minute changes and patches. 
CAGE - Continue After Games Ending:
This fixes the bit where the credits roll after you finish the last quest in the main story.
Max Level Adjustment:
Get the "Max Level 100" file.
TTW Patches Continued:
Get the following patches:
TTW EVE + Project Beauty
TTW EVE + Redesigned
Install these as "TTW Patches" in MO.
Now to start fixing bugs and such, so the game will be stable.
Archive Invalidation:
1) Open up FOMM
2) Click on the "Tools" drop down, and select "Archive Invalidation". 
3) If it is checked, UNCHECK it, and confirm.
4) Open Tools again, and CHECK Archive Invalidation.
5) Close FOMM
6) Click the Puzzle PIeces in MO (Tools), and select INI Editor
7) Navigate the [Archive] header
8) Find "bInvalidateOlderFiles="
9) Set this value to 1, then save and close.
1) Select LOOT in the drop down in the drop down in the top right hand corner of MO and select RUN
2) In the top right corner of LOOT select the 3 lines (Left most icon in the top right corner)
3) When it's done running click "APPLY" then close.
Bashed Patch:
1) Select "Wrye Flash" in the drop down in the top right of MO and select RUN
2) Select OK for any popups that come through.
3) Scroll to the bottom and highlight "Bashed Patch, 0.esp" 
4) Right click, and select "Rebuild Patch"
5) Select YES in the popup window.
6) In the next window click on "Leveled Lists" and uncheck "Automatic"
7) Click ADD. 
8) Find "weapons.of_.the_.new_.millenia.ttw_.unified.distribution.esp" and click OPEN
9) Click "Tweak Names" Check all the boxes. This is to help sort your inventory and make it a little more neat.
10) Click "Tweak Settings" and check "Companions: Max Number", and any other tweaks you'd like.
11) Click "Build Patch" this may take a few minutes
12) Once it's done, close Wrye Flash
Merged Patch:
1) Open FNVEdit by selecting it in the drop down in the top right of MO and clicking RUN
2) In the popup, click OK. This loads ALL ACTIVE .esp/.esm files for FNVEdit. 
2b) Make sure to watch the right window of FNVEdit for any errors.
3) When you see the message "Background Loader: finished" we can continue
4) Right click anywhere in the left window of FNVEdit.
5) In the drop down menu go to "Other" then "Create Merged Patch" 
6) Name it "Merged Patch" (duh lawl wink.png 
7) You'll know it's done when the screen flashes, and the esp "Merged Patch" appears in boldfaced black in the bottom of the left window
8) Exit and save "Merged Patch" in the window that pops up.
9) Right click the overwrite mod and select create patch. Name this (I'll give you one guess) Merged Patch.
1) Open FNVLODGen by selecting it in the drop down in the top right of MO and clicking RUN
2) wait for it
3) A window will pop up with a bunch of check boxes. 
4) Right click in the check boxes, and "Select All"
5) Click Generate.
This process takes several minutes. Anywhere from 15 to 45 depending on your PC. Be patient. Ignore the errors.
6) Watch the window for "LOD Generator: Finished (you can close this application now)"
7) Right click the overwrite mod and create a mod named "Generated LOD"
Add addional mods at your own risk!!!
The FNV engine is a fickle bitch. If you DO decide that you want to add more mods, make sure to MAKE A NEW PROFILE to add these mods, and start a new game. This way, the default TTW profile will not be touched or damaged in any way. 
Remember to repeat the steps on Phase 9 if you do add mods!!!
This will be my first question if you have add mods, and you claim that your game is broken. So before you post for support, RUN PHASE 9 AGAIN and retest.

To the experienced modders: Suggestions are welcome for me to test as I install and play to make sure the game is running as intended, and that the mod you suggest has the feel I am looking for. For those of you who are familiar with my Skyrim guide, I go for a certain atmosphere of realism, but also a certain amount of beautification. 

Thanks again. I love you guys so much. 

Special Thanks:

Ritualclarity, for helping spread the word about my Skyrim guide, and asking me (Several weeks ago) to do a similar guide for Fallout. You've been wonderful, man. Without you, this guide wouldn't even be a thought in my head.

RoyBatty and the TTW team for making TTW a possibility and their continued work on TTW to make it an enjoyable experience. Additonal thanks to RoyBatty and Zilav for pointing me in the direction of getting FNVLODGen to work properly with TTW.

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