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Mod Organizer - Installation


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All questions for MO can be addressed


Preview and General Info and thoughts:


First of all I would like to let anyone not familiar with MO understand that it does have a slightly higher learning curve than Nexus Mod Manager (NMM). MO functions differently from NMM for those that used that in the past. It uses virtual folders and installs those that have been selected on the fly when the game has started.

Those that want a more simple process should use or go back to NMM, those that want more control over their installations should continue and work with MO and get use to its processes. In a short time many become comfortable with the processes and start to understand it. Those that are here and changed their mind we have a tutorial here for those that want to use NMM instead.

Official locations for obtaining a copy of MO:





Either location is acceptable depending on your personal needs and taste. The SourceForge location is likely the place for the most bleeding edge current version available. Currently it is the only place to get a copy that will work with Fallout 4. There are others but these are the two that I advise obtaining your copy from.


Bug Reports:


Those that understand issues and know how to report MO bugs can report those here. Please report bugs if you understand what you are doing and how to properly test and report bugs. General issues can be reported below,  on the Nexus site, or even the Mod Organizer Official Support Site. NSFW is all about your personal choices and decisions. We are here to aid you in your efforts to learn, play, and create mods.




Useful site for basic installation and configuration from Tannin himself here. Pretty straight forward instructions in a easily readable form. For more detailed configuration of Mod Organizer I would advise this site. For those that want more visual assistance with the installation and some of the basic setup and use I would advise going here and watching the videos that Gopher created. Those that want to use it for Skyrim even have some mods that are reviewed. While at it you might find some other videos for modding and gaming from him that might interest you.

Mod Organizer's  official support site has more links and options to cover your installation and configuration needs as well as many advanced configurations for various mods and games supported by Mod Organizer.





More info will be coming as time allows.

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