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Adding a few more steps to 3rd person camera positions


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Not sure how to describe this, but I want to add one, or preferably a few more steps to the available 3rd person camera positions (i.e. the numerous pre-defined distances the 3rd person camera zooms in and out on your character when you move your mouse wheel). I want to add a few more positions which are closer to the player, I mean, closer than the last default position before going into 1st person view. I haven't really googled it yet, but I have feeling that it can be done with some INI file tweaking. Does anyone have an idea?

Edit: There's apparently a popular camera mod which may be what I really want, but I'll just try changing the  fVanityModeMinDist value in [Camera] section of my Skyrim.ini first, I don't want another mod unless it's absolutely necessary...

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I've never messed with the camera in the ini files but I have used that mod you linked. It's decent. I've never really been all that concerned with the distance but rather the zoom in on my character before it goes to first person. That mod allows you to extend your zoom outs and ins. It also allows you to toggle a hot key of your desire to shift your character to the right or left of the crosshair, which was the original intent when I used it because I enjoyed a mod like that for Fallout 3.

And you just reminded me there was a camera mod I've been wanting to try for a while now.

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I just want the 3rd person camera to be a bit closer to the character before switching to 1st person, it really bugs me especially while sneaking.

I've experimented a bit with the INI settings and wasn't really satisfied. Since the PC is not centered on the screen, simply decreasing the fVanityModeMinDist value creates a camera angle which is really weird and doesn't actually do what I want either. I think I'll give that mod a try... Are you currently using that mod?

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I've installed that mod and it's does what it says, but setting the min camera distance to any value lower than 150 is a bad idea, because the camera clips through your face when you're sneaking. That's probably the reason why its default value was chosen as 155. As a workaround, you may choose "adaptive sneaking" and adjust the height of the camera specifically for sneaking, but I didn't like that. I think I'll keep the mod anyway, as it does allow you to place your character in the center of the screen and zooming in & out does work with that setting, so it's pretty good. I could probably achieve the same thing just by using the INI settings, but using the mod is easier.

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Yeah, I ran into the same problem today. Centering the camera is a bad idea for archery and ranged magic in 3rd person, because you can't see what you're aiming at. You have to place the camera either slightly to your left or to your right. Unfortunately these kind of mods take time to properly test and fine tune to your liking and sometimes it takes a while until you find something that you don't like and then back to square one. Nevertheless, I'll stick to the Customizable Camera mod  above for the time being. If you're planning to use that mod let me know if you want to have a look at my settings which you can easily load in your game as a profile. Which camera mod did you use?

By the way, there's an annoying problem with the camera that *isn't* centered. When you use telekinesis in 3rd person, you can't grab the item that you've pulled if your camera is too far away from the center of the screen. In other words, there isn't really much room to move the camera around without running into problems. Perhaps it'd be best to just use the vanilla settings and no camera mods.

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I don't like putting my character in the center because of that but with 3CPO I didn't have an option because your character moves freely and the camera follows you from side to side until you go straight or stop and it positions back in the center. But the issue I was having is if I'm trying to shoot arrows and I'm moving to the right or left, you can't rely on the crosshair because it's not aligned with the crossahair unless you are in the center.

I don't know if you can fine tune either one when you are on the right side of the screen since it was designed for the PC to be on the left of the crosshair. Being on the right you have to guess where you are aiming because the crosshair is unreliable. That's why I uninstalled that other mod. It's pretty good for melee but sucks for archery.


I already set it up. These are mine.Screenshot653139.thumb.jpg.850a1382f462f23eb4fc5496e8666f7f.jpgScreenshot653549.thumb.jpg.bdb79e776ee00eacbbf34bd5f03cb7da.jpg


Forgot to answer your question. I used 3CPO - 3rd Person Camera Overhaul - Smooth Camera Follow.

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If you create a text file with a name like profile3.json in your DATA folder (or MO's Overwrite)

<DATA>\skse\plugins\Customizable Camera\profile3.json

and copy & paste the text in the spoiler, then you may be able to load my settings below as a profile, I've posted them as screenshots as well.


	"float" : 
		"changestate_speed" : 4,
		"fov_slider" : 75,
		"idlex" : -5,
		"idley" : -20,
		"meleex" : -5,
		"meleey" : -20,
		"meleezoom" : 0,
		"pitch_zoom" : 0,
		"rangedx" : -0,
		"rangedy" : 10,
		"rangedzoom" : -20,
		"sneak_height" : 30,
		"tfc_speed" : 0,
		"vanity_max" : 600,
		"vanity_min" : 150,
		"view_mode_x" : 5,
		"view_mode_y" : -40,
		"view_mode_zoom" : 120,
		"zoom_increments" : 5,
		"zoom_speed" : 5
	"int" : 
		"enabled_controltweaks" : 1,
		"enabled_sneaking" : 0,
		"ignore_lefthand" : 0,
		"swap_side" : 64,
		"tfc_key" : 0,
		"toggle_crosshair" : 1,
		"toggle_pa" : 1,
		"view_mode_key" : 65




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