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Kendo 2's Gomorrah Girls for Cali Boobs Type3

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Kendo 2's Gomorrah Girls for Cali Boobs Type3

Sexy hooker stuff! I always hated the way the vanilla prostitute outfits look. This mod addresses that.


The REPLACER file simply adds the reworked prostitute meshes as vanilla replacers to the game. There isn’t an ESP. It doesn’t change anything that isn’t obvious.
The FULL version adds the vanilla replacers, six new outfits and manicured nails to all of the affected outfits, vanilla included.


In-game, type the tilde (~) and then type coc 11k2ggcell and ENTER. You will be teleported to the pick up cell. The items are in the steamer trunk in front of you. FastTravel to exit the cell. The trunk respawns every three game days.


dimon99 for Type3
izumiko for the Merry Widow sleeve mesh
Humannature66 for the manicured nails meshes
Kendo 2 for everything else


Do not repackage my content. If you want to use this mod in your own works that is fine, just make my mod a required file. Do not submit my content to other game sites.

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In all honesty it's been so long since I made this mod I don't remember.  I THINK the full version has the replacers in the mod. 

This is the file path for the vanilla base game outfits:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas\Data\meshes\armor\prostitutes

The outfits are named prosfemale01, prosfemale02, prosfemale03 and prosfemale04.  Be sure they are there.  If they are then you might have another mod installed that changes the outfits in an esp.  It could be a casino overhaul, a cosmetic one for NPCs, a clothing mod like for Type6 or Type3M...anything.  If it still doesn't work try downloading and installing the Replacer version of my mod.

And btw, the mod is manual install only.  Do not use a mod manager to try and install the files.  It will not work.

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