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Medbod 1.9 clothing pack


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Medbod 1.9 clothing pack

This should be everything made between 2019 and 2023 for the infamous MedBod 1.9, at least according to my last backup. It includes tops, bottoms and full outfits. Some releases came with their own set of accessories those were included too.

I’m too lazy to check if everything coincides with the content I posted online if there’s something missing don’t hesitate to tell me and make a backup before overwriting, just in case.

Everything is separated in folders with its respective thumbnail.

I still have a couple of releases waiting for my procrastination to give up (lolno), whatever I end up making in 2024 and beyond will be added to this pack on a yearly basis.

What’s that? You want packs for the Impossible Heels and the rest of my stuff? That will take more time because I’m not as organized for shoes and accessories.


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