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Do it Dirty: Fix that Skyrim Neck Seam!

Kendo 2

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To use this you need to have nifskope properly installed with all of the support files.  Here is a link to the sourceforge page:



They have tutorials, downloads, links and anything else you might need.


NOW THEN, let's fix those neck seams!












This might seem like a little thing, but it makes a world of difference.


          Here's something else that will cause a seam and needs to be fixed:






*Be sure to make these changes on BOTH versions of the meshes you're fixing.  e.g. femalebody_0 AND femalebody_1 need to be the same.  This goes for hands and feet as well.  If you're having seam issues with some modded armor and clothing this method will fix the skin parts on those as well.*


Here is a download of the images for easy viewing.



This the vanilla femalebody_0 nif.


If in doubt, make the body you're using match the vanilla standard.  Check it node by node, branch by branch if you have to.  Don't blame me, don't blame yourself.  Blame the person that made the body mod. wink.png

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