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WTF Seriously Borderlands 3


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So many RL people I know are getting this. Paying THIS. Planning on time off from work. So bad that when someone request a day off around the release time the boss ask if it is for Borderlands 3. I am fucking serious here.

Anyone else here excited?  I played the first or second one (I forget) and didn't get far into it. don''t get me wrong. The game is solid just didn't grab me. However I am not really playing with friends etc (being fucking antisocial.. lol )

Also looking at this .. the package ... etc.. Makes me think this is what other companies are really trying to achieve. Covet even.


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I believe in 6 months they are suppose to offer a Steam option but without all the extras.

Interesting thought I had though. If you can get a few of a group to go hog wild in the game desiring it.. they motivate others to play it. Some of the people I know have groups that they get together on a night or weekend and play together. They have planned games that they will be playing as a group. In order to be part of that "group" you have to get the game or abstain.  Older people likely can take it or leave it but younger ones... might not be so capable. I am fairly sure at least one of the group that I know doing this got it just to be part of the gaming group and play.

That sucks. Going out to a movie or something cheap (comparatively) is one thing.  This is way more. or is it. After all, it can be played again and again for a long time. It was just something I was thinking of.  Trying to understand why so many gaming companies are getting successful, successful that they can basically tell their hard core fans to go fuck themselves. 10-15 years ago this wasn't the case in almost any industry. Now movies and practically everybody is doing it.


48 million August 2019 (sales) ^ Not sure how that ranks to other games of that level+



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Just a another game for dumbfucks who just want to run around and shoot things and collect items, why would anyone want to take a day off to play something like that is beyond me. I've never played it or even interested in it and I just HATE that shader? effect they use, whatever that is, nauseating, which is, I believe, also used in the shitty 'game' adaptation of The Walking Dead.

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