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Quick question about your SKSE tutorial


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On 4/6/2016 at 5:36 PM, Vortec said:

 Quick question about your SKSE tutorial, you mentioned to move it in your Load Order. Be helpful to know where in the Load Order, others will ask.


Drag that file up to where you want it or change the "Priority" number to where you want it in the order.

Where you need it to be. It can be different just like any other mod. It needs to be above all other conflicts for most people. Added some clarifications. It has been up on LL in that exact wording for a very long time.. Nobody asked that question.. lol

Vortec you were too fast. I hadn't had a chance to open a proper support thread for all things MO.. :). It will be up shortly and you can post those suggestions there and with your level of skill perhaps even provide some assistance as well. :)

Further questions for MO can be asked here where I created a thread for these questions. 



We tried to move the thread but due to date of the post it ended up being the OP. It has been corrected now. Vortec, you have done nothing wrong except being faster than I could create a thread :P


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