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Alonely WW & DD/Pets/Cottage Living Animations [2021-08-28]


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Alonely WW & DD/Pets/Cottage Living Animations [2021-08-28]



Alonely Animations~! ❤️

Disclaimer: I do not condone violence, and my pet animations are not supported by my Patreon, it supports my numerous non-pet animations. If you hear or think otherwise, it's false information.


-Check out my Discord if you wanna share juicy or tentacle images. ;D

-And if you enjoy my mods and animations and have the ability to support me, please do so; they take a lot of time to make! And grab tons of bonus animations while you're at it. ^.^

Alonely now brings you supporters...DOLPHINS, LLAMAS, COWS, CHICKENS, & FOXES!

*Previews and more previews*


Required for dolphins:

Island Living expansion pack, custom dolphin object, and dolphin's dick ("Free Willy")


Required for llamas, "horses", cows, chickens, & foxes:

Cottage Living expansion pack


Required for "horses":

TheKalino's llama-based horse (she also makes other fun animals!)


Required for llamas and "horses" to have dicks in some animations:

Noir's horse dildos (alternative download link)



Public service announcement for running animations with these animals in the Sims 4:

These kinds of Sims are actual full Sims:

  • Humans
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Foxes


These kinds of "Sims" are actually just objects according to the game's logic:

  • Dolphins
  • Llamas
  • Cows
  • Chickens
  • Rabbits
  • other birds


That's how the game handles them, I can't change that. So:

  • If you want to start a human x dog animation, you shift+click your Sim, go to Devious Desires -> Start Sexy Time -> Have Sex, then select two Sims, the human and the dog.
  • If, however, you want to start a human + cow animation, you start with the same process, but then you select only one Sim, the one you want to have sex with the animal. Then find the cow animation from the list, for example by clicking the "Select by Tag" option, and since I've tagged each animal animation, you just look for the "COW" tag.



The following mods will be required for some animations:

  • Devious Desires (for pet animations, update to the latest version to enable sex for Cottage Living animals)
  • which in turn requires S4CL and ModSettingsMenu
  • You can find support on Discord
    • (make sure you have "testingcheats true" in the shift+ctrl+c cheat panel in-game, then shift+click a Sim to access DD settings)
      • IF YOU DO NOT WANT PETS SIMPLY DON'T INSTALL THE PETS PACKAGE OF THIS MOD. This mod's pet package is a REQUIREMENT for pets, meaning even if you installed my DD animations package too - which is the only one that contains pets - you would never see the pets animations, and there is no way to accidentally do so without also having the pets package.
      • The above mod used to be called WickedPets. Devious Desires mod = Wicked Pets + Kinky Whims

The following custom content objects will be required for some animations:




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Can I ask you something about your pet animations?
    • Sure, on this forum or on Discord. To clarify: *If you want to talk or ask questions about pet content seen here, you should NOT do it via Patreon. That is not the place for it, it does NOT support these animations as these are a separate project. Patreon does not support bestiality content period, and any pet-related comments or messages on my Patreon will be unanswered and deleted. If you have a question about these animations, you can message me here on LL or via my Discord username, nowhere else.*
  • Do I need the Devious Desires mod for tentacles to work? / Do I need asketo's objects for the pets animations to work?
    • No, you do not need Devious Desires for asketo's objects/tentacle animations to work, and you do not need asketo's objects/tentacles for Devious Desires animations to work, they do not depend on each other. If you do not like one or the other, just do not install either the DeviousDesires mod or asketo's objects and that content will not show up in-game without breaking anything either, simple as that. ^.^
  • If I start a Cottage Living animation at an animal like a llama, cow, or chicken, the animal sometimes stops the animation to go back to their regular behavior after a while - how can I lessen the chance that this happens?
    • Yep, this is why I advise you to use the versions of the animal animations that you can start at the floor using only one Sim (shift+click a location -> Devious Desires -> Start Sexy Time -> Have Sex -> select your single Sim, then select the animation by tag or find it in the list) instead of starting sex at the animal itself, that way the spawned animals don't go back to their regular "idle" behavior after some seconds (except for the chicken for some reason, which is an asshole birdy rebel and always tries to go back to its normal behavior). 😂
      • A permanent fix for this would be for me to make a custom object for the llama, cow, and chicken like I did for the dolphin (which would otherwise swim away after 10 seconds), but I'm not sure it's a big enough issue to do yet since starting the animation with one Sim at the floor doesn't have this problem.
  • Which package are your tentacle animations in?
    • I am trying this structure of putting them in the normal and Patreon packages, because I have been pointed to some tentacle content on Patreon and other sites. I did a bit of research, and it turns out that tentacles are one big gray area on several donation sites, and they are not explicitly banned; there instead seem to be rules about them that can be a bit subjective. So I'll try this, but if by their guidelines I meet any resistance whatsoever to this decision from ANY site, I will put the tentacles into a separate package without hesitation.
  • This pet animation isn't working! / My dog or cat's snout is misaligned in this animation!
    • For the Devious Desires mod, you may have to shift+click and go to "Configure Mod Settings -> Devious Desires -> DDPets -> Ignore Zoophiliac Trait" to enable it for all Sims without them having the Zoophiliac trait. If it looks like the mouth or tongue is not making contact on certain animations, it's because your dog does not have a long enough snout (like the Dalmatian breed), same with cats. Other than saying this, I cannot offer troubleshooting support for ColonolNutty's mods, as I did not write them. Please make sure it's only my animations specifically that aren't showing up before you ask me about it, and not all creators' animations, else I most likely can't help you.
  • How do I start pet x pet animations?
    • Shift+click on a location like the floor or couch, then go to Devious Desires -> Start Sexy Time and choose your pets.
  • How do I start a threesome animation in Wicked Whims/Devious Desires?
    • To start a threesome/foursome/etc. animation in WickedWhims, you often have to start a twosome animation first. So first, start an animation with two Sims, then click on your Sim and go to WickedWhims -> Ask to Join..., choose the appropriate number of additional Sims, then choose the target object, easiest if it's in the same room (the Move Sex Location to Here... option in WickedWhims is sometimes only available for objects in the same room depending on your settings) and pick the threesome/foursome/etc. animation. The multiple-person animation should then start.
    • To start an animation in newer versions of DD, just shift+click a spot and go to Devious Desires -> Start Sexy Time. You can also even make a Sim leave an animation at any time and pick an animation to resume sex with the leftover Sims, isn't that nifty? :D
  • How do I enable your female receiving animations for both male and female Sims?
    • If you want to enable my animations for all Sims (including males participating in receiving-vaginal animations - since buttholes are sometimes near enough to the same spot), make sure to set the WickedWhims/Devious Desires setting to allow animations for all genders, which is in "WickedWhims -> Settings -> Sex Settings -> Gender Settings", and in the shift+click "Configure mod settings" menu for Devious Desires!
  • The Mother Plant from the StrangerVille expansion is confusing, help!
    • She confuses us all. :D 
    • Okay, so the Mother Plant is a very very tricky plant, both to work with and to have sex with, hah! Because not everyone has a big-ass lot of space to put her on, I made single animations with her available as standalones! So if you click on any floor and start a solo animation, you'll find the "Mother Plant" animations in that list too, and she'll frickin' pop up wherever you want her to like a scary sonofabitch. ^__^
    • But, if you want her in your game more permanently, to find and place her or her pit, press shift+ctrl+c in-game to open the cheat console and type "testingcheats true", then bb.showhiddenobjects, then search for The Mother in Build/Buy mode. She requires kind of a big-ass lot! You can place her either in her pit or not, as seen in this gif:
      • bsbr35.gif




Hello all! I've always enjoyed making character relations - whether in a story in my head or one that actually gets put into a word processor - and I feel that animating allows me to act these stories out in a tangible way. So, I've made animations for The Sims 4! The story that I had in my head involves the Dead or Alive girls (especially Helena, Hitomi, and Marie Rose) in some, and in others, Connor, an android from the PS4 game Detroit: Become Human (and a human female he has begun cohabitating with after the events of the game). So these are the Sims you'll see in a lot of the previews. :3

Feel free to keep checking back and give this thread a follow, as I've always got yummy stuff planned! ❤️

-I focus on rough, fetish, and cunnilingus animations (though I do plenty of others), and I try to pay attention to each bone and joint to make these animations all look as natural as possible.




Hey there guys!

  1. Dolphins and other animals!
  2. Tentacles!
    • By using asketo's TS4 objects, tentacles will be enabled in my animations! :D They are objects and are not considered a separate actor, so a male-female-tentacle animation, for example, will be available in the animation list when you have two Sims selected.
    • qdlopi.gif
    • 7hmxof.gif
    • urd58b5s
  3. You can see my "Dazed" series, comprised of animations where one party is a lil loopy! I also introduce to you my already beloved "Shown Off" series, all dedicated to Sims showing off their private bits to others!
    • Funny story situations!
    • zabxm9.gif
    • qifbwu.gif
    • ndkwik.gif
    • t7hb18.gif
    • m6f79w.gif
    • spk4pu.gif
    • t5ltlj.gif
    • ngtsla.gif
    • whlmpw.gif
    • ujku4z.gif
    • r4uwbe.gif
    • kkhknd.gifcstdga.gif
  4. CUM! O_O
    • I have now started adding cumshots to my climax animations! Because why not?! Thanks CherryPie! Maybe we should call you CherryCreamPie? *ba dum tss* O_o
    • 5pigii.gif
  5. SOUND!

I'm so excited to be on this fun journey with y'all! :D I get a bit carried away with putting gifs on this page sometimes, I'm so sorry. xD

This mod adds sex animations to The Sims 4. You must have the Wicked Whims or Devious Desires (required for animals) mod installed in order to make it work.



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