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The Sims 4 Community Library


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The Sims 4 Community Library


The Sims 4 Community Library


An API, for The Sims 4, used to make creating/writing mods using Python much easier and more accessible. On its own it does only a few debug commands/interactions. Only install this API if you also have a mod installed that requires it! This mod is intended to always be backwards compatible, so it is recommended to always keep it up to date!

Game/Creator:  The Sims 4 [EA]
Modder: ColonolNutty - Documentation - Github Wiki - Wiki - Discord (Pre Release Builds Available There)
Language: English
Game Version: (For Rent) and above




A Short List Of Current Features (Not all utilities are listed here because they are waaay too numerous!):
For a complete list of features and utilities, check out the documentation at the top of this description!

  • A vast library of Vanilla Tuning identifiers for easy retrieval (Enums)
  • Logging
  • Exception Handling
  • Custom Dialogs
    • Choose Dialogs, Outfit Dialog, Purchase Dialogs, and more!
  • Custom Notifications
  • Custom Interactions
  • Custom Icons
  • Event Handling (Creating, Dispatching, and Listening)
    • Dispatching of Vanilla Events, such as Age Changes, Traits Added/Removed, Buffs Added/Removed, and more!
  • Miscellaneous Utilities
    • Manipulate Sims, Objects,. the Weather, the Terrain, the UI, and many more!
    • Manipulate Sim Voices, Households, Gender Options, Genders, Situation States, Object Repair States,
  • Test Framework
    • Write and run tests (Can be run from within the game)
  • There are a TON more features not listed here! You may see all utilities/classes available to you at the Documentation link at the top of this description!



  1. Download the API using the links at the bottom of this description
  2. Unpack the archive using your favorite archiving tool.
  3. Drag the files and folders to your The Sims 4 directory. The files will be at `The Sims 4/Mods`. Overwrite All if asked!
  4. Keep in mind the ts4script file MUST be either top level (Directly in the Mods/folder) or one folder deep (Mods/Blah/). Any deeper and it will not work.
    The final paths for the files should be the following:

    The Sims 4/Mods/sims4communitylib.package
    The Sims 4/Mods/sims4communitylib.ts4script



  • Q: S4CL is throwing a ton of errors in my game! Can you fix it??
    • A: S4CL can catch errors caused by other mods. It is extremely rare that S4CL itself is the one breaking.
  • Q: Is S4CL compatible with X???
    • A: S4CL is compatible with ALL mods, it is intended to be an extension of The Sims 4 and not replace functionality of it.
  • Q: I don't want to use S4CL because it contains Adult Content!!
    • A: S4CL does not contain any adult content whatsoever. It may be available on Sites that permit Adult Content, however it does contain any adult content itself.




Usage (For Mod Authors):


A nifty tutorial has been created on the Github Wiki to help those wishing to either get into modding The Sims 4 or to begin utilizing S4CL, you may find it here




The changelog is kept up to date and is located here


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New Version of S4CL Available (v1.77):
- Fixed an error that could occur when using commands that have an optional integer argument.
- Added a couple fun commands to use.
- On each interaction class, when the test function is run, the verbose log will now display the test result of each individual test part of the tuning. i.e. test_globals, _additional_tests, test_autonomous, and affordance tests.
- Updated the command `s4clib.play_visual_effect`, some of the arguments were shifted. sim_info was moved to be the second argument. joint_bone_name was moved to be the last argument.
- Added a new command to play visual effects on objects. `s4clib.play_visual_effect_object`.
- Added an interaction to be able to log all of the game tags of an object. `Log All Game Tags`.
- Added many new strings.
- Added new CommonLocalizedStringSeparator values `OR`, `COMMA_SPACE_OR`, `AND`, `COMMA_SPACE_AND`, `NEWLINE_NEWLINE`, `STRING_PLUS_STRING`, `ARE`, `IS`
- Fixed an error when choosing options in a Multipane dialog where it would not correctly determine values to be selected.
- Fixed some type hint issues within CommonGameObjectDataStorage and CommonSimDataStorage.
- Added the ability to choose to hide the tooltip for CommonTestResult and CommonExecutionResult via a new init argument `hide_tooltip`.
- Added CommonTunedInstanceRegistry, used to modify tunings as they load into the game.
- Added a tuned instance modification handler for adding interactions to affordance lists.
- Added functions to CommonCombinedSpecies to convert it to a short name, enum xml, and to check if a value is an animal value.
- The maximum size files can be when created by S4CL is now configurable via the sims4communitylib.config file. It has also been increased to about 500 MB instead of the previous 10 MB.
- Added new utilities for Civic Policies, Bitwise operations, Businesses, Attach/Detach CAS Parts, Locations, Text, Sim Location, Sim Name, Sim Posture, and Sim Situations.
- Added new enums for Civic Policy Status, Civic Policy Types, Street Civic Policies, Venue Civic Policies, and Postures.
- When setting the first or last names of Sims via the S4CL commands, the first character of the entered names will now properly be capitalized.
- Added a command to change the weather
- Added fun commands to play with lightning strikes

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