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LS_FemmeBot BeRT BodyNude


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LS_FemmeBot BeRT BodyNude

The LadySmoks Boutique presents... BeRT (BedRoomToy)! Well, she's naked, except for her JoshQ shoes, so might be best she stay in the bedroom???

BeRT's chassis is based on my Priyatna bottom mesh and my nude top with a higher polycount around her boobs for a smoother appearance... and is wearing JoshQ shoes.

BeRT is one of a new generation of FemmeBot "skin jobs"! I have long had a bot body that could use Sim CAS skins, but the head was a problem... Problem sovled! See AX Head page for details. As for this body, it IS a Plumbot part, and assembled in the EP11 Into The Future bot station, as any FemmeBot or regular Plumbot.

She is one piece design, found in "Tops" and requires No Bottom to fill the legs slot. She requires the AX Head, or neck seams and color will not match. This body can use any accessory with a separate mesh, such as fingernails, earrings, bracelets, eyeglasses and many necklaces. It will also support use of overlay type accessories, such as stockings. 

NOTE: Because of how the UV map must be arranged, in order to fit everything, things like accessory panties or tattoos run into the area needed for hair, so using them causes those textures to show on most FemmeBot hairs. I have no plans to change the layout, however may make bot friendly panties in the future.

There are links to S-Club eyelashes and OneEuroMutt Sliders on the Bot Blog Page. This model will eventually be added to the blog page.

Hair shown is a work in progress, and will be uploaded soon. FemmeBot as shown is my model and uses sliders. Links are provided on the blog page. I will not be uploading a premade bot.

I hope you like her!!!


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