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LS_af FaceNoLines

LadySmoks presents... No Age Lines for Adult Female Sims, including M5-AX Heads for FemmeBots!

NOTE: This is a CAS override, and will affect ALL adult female Sims!!!

EA decided a few things would happen to Sims, in this case adult females... sagging boobs and light facial lines. I am still working on the first one, but have an answer to the second.

This package is nothing more than the young adult female facial normals map texture, with the adult female part number. 

It was done with FemmeBots in mind, as EA makes all Plumbots as adult, and so the adult facial normals were applied to the new M5-AX FemmeBot Head. I personally didn't want that, and made this to override it. I am not able to separate regular Sims from "skin job" bots.

Just place the package in your Packages folder as usual.

I am currently working on a set of skins for FemmeBot "skin jobs", which use the young adult facial normals map, and I hope will take care of this issue, and allow for normal Sim aging, if that is what you prefer.

Again, it is an override. It is NOT found in any CAS section, but is automatically applied to adult females, both Sim and FemmeBot.

This is a non-intrusive override, so if you do not like the results, you can remove the package with no issues. The game will simply return to the base images.

I hope you like it!!!


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