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Impossible Heels Compilation by JoshQ


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Impossible Heels Compilation by JoshQ

  • This CC is offered completely free
  • You’re allowed to modify it in any way, shape or form imaginable; asking me for permission is not necessary
  • I don’t take requests nor commissions

Impossible Heels (or ImpHeels) are composed of 2 elements. The first is a heavily modified feet/shoe mesh and the second is a BOND resource with custom values that tells the game to elevate a femsim’s height accordingly. You don’t need an extra script nor to activate any special menu, just select the shoes on CAS and your female sim automatically will raise above ground. The shape was a result of an accident but after further review I decided to keep it as a way to avoid cannibalizing the original creations these heels are based on, also because is more appropriate to LoversLab and NSFWmods general theme. 

Is very obvious but just in case: The feet are very, very, veeeery far from being anatomically correct, wysiwyg. 

The biggest issue is clipping, the game tries its best to compensate the animations for the extra height but more times than not the results are shoes clipping trough the ground and some animation misalignments. Another problem involves custom animations and poses, in short every single pair of Impossible Heels don’t have the toes bones assigned correctly, it doesn’t affect 99% of the game’s animations, but it does affect custom animations that flex the toes. So the basic recommendation is to avoid wearing these shoes while using sex animations and poses unless they were created with this limitation in mind.

Some 3D accessories (line necklaces) can also interfere with the heels and deform them, this seems to happen with accessories that include morphs but as with everything related with Sims 3 modding there’s not enough information to pinpoint the exact problem and solution.

The only CC not included are the “Impossible Boots” that's on a separate post.

Regarding animations:
I tested some of the animations released for OKW and Passion. At least for the couple of hours I had to test them, they worked pretty well. I didn’t saw any kind of strange deformation on feet or leg bending, it doesn’t mean you will be 100% safe because sliders, other mods and CC can also influence and is impossible (pun intended) for me to test every single combination. The only thing I noticed is some animations clipping with beds and tables but because you have more than 200 animations to choose I wouldn’t consider it a complete showstopper.
Again, I can’t attest your experience will be without problems, but at least I didn’t saw anything completely out of place compared to the last time I checked animations using Animated Woohoo. Your Mileage May Vary.

General details:

  • Base game compatible
  • For teen, young adult and adult femsims
  • Disabled for random sims
  • Enabled for naked, everyday, formalwear, sleepwear, swimwear, career, outwear and validformaternity


  • MJ95 and MrAntonieddu for the shoes (also EA, Koei Tecmo and Capcom)
  • Blooms Base for the 3D toes and EA for the rest of the feet

Zip contents*:

  • Daffodiles 160mm Pumps ImpHeels EDIT
  • Rhinestone Sandals
  • ImpHeels wLegWarmers
  • Madlen Nosferatu ImpHeels EDIT
  • ImpHeels Alex
  • BBPumps ImpHeels EDIT
  • Madlen Capri ImpHeels EDIT v2.0
  • Madlen Vercelli ImpHeels EDIT v2.0
  • Madlen Porcini ImpHeels EDIT
  • ImpHeels Bunny
  • Leather Pumps v2.0
  • Pigalles v2.0
  • Dancin Shoes
  • ImpHeels Strappy
  • Fusion Heels n01
  • Chanel Stilettos ImpHeels EDIT
  • Madlen Engel Besta ImpHeels EDIT plus Peeptoes
  • Fusion Heels n02
  • Zanotti Pumps ImpHeels EDIT
  • Madlen Mercredi ImpHeels EDIT
  • ImpHeels SG
  • Fusion Heels n03
  • Ferragamo Classic Pumps ImpHeels EDIT

* Thumbnails are included inside the .zip so you can distinguish each

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