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Fusion Heels n07


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Fusion Heels n07

  • This CC is offered completely free
  • You’re allowed to modify it in any way, shape or form imaginable; asking me for permission is not necessary
  • I don’t take requests nor commissions


  • Base game compatible
  • For female teens, young adults and adults
  • Enabled for naked, everyday, sleepwear, formalwear, career, outwear and validformaternity
  • Disabled for random sims
  • All LODs and morphs
  • Polycount: 4998
  • 4 color channels
  • Will elevate teens 9 units above ground and young adults/adults 10 units
  • Only available in .package format


  • Shoes look “weird” on CAS, in-game looks fine
  • Depending on the situation you will see clipping on ground, beds, chairs, etc. and misalignments on default and custom animations/ especially while interacting with other sims; in some cases complete feet and leg deformation will happen just remove the shoes
  • 3D accessories with morphs like chokers, belts, and whatnot can potentially interfere with the shoes and deform them, for now the solution is to wear one or the other but not both
  • Blockiness here and there


  • Based on MrAntonieddu’s Louboutin Daffodiles
  • I believe this was my second pair of “Impossible Heels” and a TON of mistakes were made back then… So I decided to start all over again, this time using Metasequoia instead of Milkshape to adapt the shape and make changes overall
  • This is also the first time I added some extra vertices to someone else mesh, mainly in the ankle interior. This is not recommended because the mesh is already triangulated so doing this adds tons and tons of vertices that can screw up the UV and normals, thankfully this was not the case
  • I also redid the heel, soles, interior and the UV coordinates
  • The result looks completely different from the pair I uploaded +2 years ago (time flies when you’re having fun). At the very least the mesh is cleaner, patterns look nicer (with some little deformation on the tip) and use better feet
  • Both versions won’t interfere with each other in case you still want to wear the older ones


  • MrAntonieddu for the original shoes

  • Submitter
  • Submitted
  • Category


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