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LS_LeatherMiniSkirts Collection


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LS_LeatherMiniSkirts Collection

LadySmoks presents... Leather Minis!!!

This is a collection of open bottom leather skirts for Sim females, teen thru Adult... including MedBod!

These are TS4 to TS3 conversions of skirts by Saliwa at TSR. All are NON-recolorable, made using an overlay. A single tile gray will show in CAS to prevent possible CAS errors. Adjusting the gray tone may or may not lighten or darken the skirts.

YA/A comes in VERY Mini and standard hemline, each in 2 different versions. Teen and MedBod are the standard hemline, and each in 2 versions. Currently, no plan to make VERY Mini for teen, but may do for MedBod.

Bones and morphs were adjusted, and looked good during testing. All skirts include pregnant morphs! But, any issues, please let me know!!!

I hope you like them!!!

Special note: I have finally solved my MedBod waist seam problem, and am working on several separate tops and bottoms for JoshQ's MedBod that can be mixed and matched to existing MedBod garments.

The cropped tank tops shown, are works in progress, but should be available soon. Soon being by my time scale, which most know by now, is quite vague at best.


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