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New Mod from Beyond Skyrim - Bruma

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I have and it's nice. I had to stop due to a CTD trying to leave the tavern in Bruma though. It's nonstop CTD so I'm waiting for an update that addresses the CTD issues going on. Other than that, it's very good.

Edit: And I spoke to soon about that. Just installed v1.2 and going to test it once I get the hell out of Solstheim. Hopefully this works. I read some comments on some people saying it fixed their CTD issues.

But what I'm really looking forward to is their Expedition to Atmora project. Even though it won't be completely accurate since very little lore is known about Atmora. But the thought of exploring it and even the Sea of Ghosts interests me. I'm just worried that they might only do it for SSE since it seems like the rest of Cyrodiil and Tamriel for that matter will not be available for Skyrim due to engine limitations. Strikes me odd since SkyWind and SkyBlivion will be on Skyrim as well as SSE.


Edit: Actually, now that I think about it, the CTD issue I get could be the very same one others are getting due to Bruma being an open city. I could never ever run Open Cities mod for Skyrim because I would get instant CTD when I was near Whiterun. Using memory allocation mods did not change that as they do not now with Bruma. So this could just be an permanent issue for me and my low end PC. My game always crashes when ever I try to leave the tavern. However, I had no problem getting to the open city itself. The authors stated that it's been tested on various rigs from high to low with no problem, so I dunno. I'll have to wait and see.

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  But what I'm really looking forward to is their Expedition to Atmora project.

Feel free to open a thread on that and inform us of the developments as they come along.. since you are really looking forward to that.. :)  Save me from doing so in the future lol.

The CTD might be due to limitations and such and you might be accurate in the use of SSE for future expansions however I believe they were planning on having this for both versions of Skyrim as well as future versions. However, only using it for SSE makes sense and give them much needed head room to develop the mod. I personally can forgive them for that and understand them doing so and actually don't mind. Many have both versions of Skyrim so it really doesn't matter that much IMO. That would give me a reason to visit SSE. lol. Thus far I haven't felt the need to do so, however, I haven't really been in Skyrim much if at all except for some testing and fooling around now that testing a mod has been canceled.

One thing to take from the video is the statement that they will not put this in that Creation Club thingy that Bethesda is creating. That alone with the size and scope of the mod deserves kudos for their team. They are also not putting it behind a pay wall even though many would pay a few dollars for this level of quality (as it was viewed) and size of mod being DLC sized.  It is a good example to other teams working on mods like this and Skyoblivion and such on how to handle their modding projects.

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Well, I don't do discord, but people have been saying in the comments on Nexus that the Beyond Skyrim team have repeatedly stated that the rest of the project will be on SSE only due to the engine limitations with the 32bit version. I don't fault them myself for making that decision. It sucks, but it is what it is. But it reminds me why I think Bethesda should of just made Skyrim on a 64bit engine from the get go.

Well, judging by Bruma alone and the struggle with stability on the game engine, Atmora being it's own continent and larger in scale, I'm going to assume that it won't happen on Skyrim32. I'll wait the day I build a new rig so I can get on Cyberpunk 2077 and try out SSE with their projects. But that's pretty much a maybe. If Cyberpunk doesn't suck all of my gaming time towards it.

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I haven't played Bruma yet but from what I've watched on Youtube it's a crash-fest if played with a heavy load order; or at least that's the opinion of the reviewers.

Skyrim Special Edition...yeah, no thanks.  I have a stable version of Skyrim 32bit working with all of the mods I want/need.  Not about to change that.

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You really should give Mod Organizer a go. It can handle large files unlike NMM from what I keep reading. And you can have Bruma or what ever mod you want to test on a completely different profile that wouldn't affect your main profile.

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