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Madlen Vercelli ImpHeels FinalEDIT


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Madlen Vercelli ImpHeels FinalEDIT

  • This CC is offered completely free
  • You’re allowed to modify it in any way, shape or form imaginable; asking me for permission is not necessary
  • I don’t take requests nor commissions


  • Base game compatible
  • For teen, young adult and adult femsims
  • Enabled for naked, everyday, sleepwear, formalwear, career, outwear and validformaternity
  • Disabled for random sims
  • All LODs and morphs
  • Polycount: 3896
  • 3 color channels
  • Will elevate young adults and adults 6 “units” above ground, 5 to teens
  • Only available in .package format


  • Shoes look all-kinds-of-weird on CAS, in-game looks fine
  • Most patterns won’t match at the back of the ankle-heel
  • Potential clipping with floor, chairs, beds, etc. and animation misalignment under normal simming. This can also can happen on custom animations and poses and also might cause leg/feet extreme bending (I usually don’t have problems on my game while using Passion or OKW, but I cannot guarantee yours)
  • 3D accessories that contain morphs, like necklaces and alike from the game and other creators, might interfere with the shoes and cause severe deformation, don’t use both at the same time


  • I was finishing a different CC but got bored so instead I tried to make a “remesh”. In short I opened my Vercelli edit and started removing/adding vertices and edges manually. The original shoes has a polycount of 988 not counting MJ95´s custom feet, mine is 2700 and that allowed me to better adjust the shape to the impossible feet, I also added other small details and generated a new UV map
  • Vercelli were one of my very first mods, back then I didn’t even know how to move a single vertex, I’m still clueless about many things about 3D modeling but just watching all the progress I’ve made puts a smile the size of the world on my face
  • Just to clarify, I’m going to continue making edits and “fusions” but after +3 years I can finally move Vercelli out of my “to-do” list :D
  • Every single pair of “Impossible Heels” is compatible with the default body, MedBod and any other custom mesh that follows the default leg seam


  • MJ95 for the original shoes

  • Submitter
  • Submitted
  • Category


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