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Kendo 2's Type3 Body Pack Installer


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Kendo 2's Type3 Body Pack Installer

This file and upload was created with permission from Kendo 2.

This pack containes all of Kendo 2's Type3 bodies - that can be found here - and the hard to find textures that were part of his Nexus upload years back.
All packed into one package with installer for FOMM, NMM and MO for easier installation.


  • 12 Type3 bodies from Kendo 2
  • Meshes for Smaller Female Hands
  • 10 Body textures
  • HQ Normal Map
  • Alternative face texture
  • 2 of Kendo 2's female Raider textures
  • Dimon99's Type3 Clothes package (2 bikinis, 2 Vault suits, 2 Lara Croft outfits, 2 park strollers and 3 short dresses)

The installer supports 2 languages: English and Deutsch what determines the language of Dimon99's Type 3 Clothes addon too.

Installer scripts:
if a Bain installer script for Wrye Flash is wanted then let me know because i left it out this time.

Kendo 2's Type3 Body Pack@NSFWmods

Dimon99: Original meshes and Clothes addon
Kendo 2: Models & Textures
RitualClarity: Less Engrish, more English
Me: Installer script, MO support and used preview pictures

Don't upload the whole package or parts of its contents (no matter if edited or not) to other sites without asking for permission first.

The pictures show a version of the installer, before RitualClarity took the time to correct my horrible engrish (thanks, dude). i just couldn't be arsed to make new screenshots but option wise everything is the same and that's what counts, right?
TL;DR: Some texts in the installer differ from what's seen in the pictures.

All meshes were optimized and cleaned using NIFskope what makes them less ideal as resource. Please download the untouched body meshes from the link under "Source" if you need meshes more appropriate as a resource.


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