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The state of character creation in games


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Eve Online had this, back when Skyrim was released with the shittiest looking characters imaginable, with compression artifacts on their faces...

Yes, mods have managed to improve it to some extent, but not all that much, well, apart from the "HDT vagina". 🤣

Seriously though, would you say that the quality of character creation in games is where it should be, considering what Eve Online had 8 years ago?

I recently saw a video of what they've been working on for Star Citizen, which was fairly disappointing, so my answer is "Hell, no!".

Note: If you look at the upload date of the video, it's Jan 2011, almost a year before Skyrim and much earlier than Black Desert and all the other crap and this is a game in which you don't even get to see your character...🤔

Here's a more recent video from 2016...

Now, compare that with the 2017 game ME:Andromeda... 🤣

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EVE's character customization is leagues ahead of many game studios. The more in-depth the better and I've always wished for something like EVE's version in a SP game.

What also helps in the scene is the lighting. Good lighting helps greatly.

I doubt Bethesda will change their ways and stick to the same formula as always. They'll never pull off anything like this. Maybe in 20-25 years, if they're even still making games.

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Hair models and textures need to look like they were made out of carved wood.  And let's not forget that a face should have no more than 200 vertices.  And paddles for feet; can't have a Bethesda game without that.  Oh and a bare bones skeleton with animations done by hand.  Fuck motion capture.

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By the way, I saw a video of Eve today in which the player character wanders around in some kind of a space station, so apparently you CAN see your character if you wish. Didn't like the animations though.

In terms of pre-made player characters, I kinda like the models and animations in Resident Evil 2 remake, which in my opinion is the only good thing about that game. Have you seen any other games recently that impressed you with its character design (models, animations etc.)?

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Eve online character development isn't intended to be great. they don't focus on that and if you play it for a while and look at various examples you will also see many look very much alike.  The "space station" is only a short time and small part of the game play. Really doesn't matter just something there to fill in ... in my opinion.  Even so, for what they do... they do a pretty good job if you are comparing it to Bethesda game... lol


TES and Fallout 4, the characters, player etc MUST look great it is what you will be interacting with most if not all the time. It is central and critical to the game play experience.

Edit... it has been awhile and they have improved it greatly.


Better than any release from Bethesda! and consider they only need the character to look good for a few seconds while you are on a space station... 99% of your time is in space where you don't see shit! (character)

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