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That is an idea I tossed around but haven't officially put forward to Doublezero. Not sure if it is possible to do so.

Now if that is impossible the second question would be can we change them out for ones the community likes or perhaps even some that the community posted in the gallery (provided it is of a size and quality to do so;)). However I would also like to have this option as well.

On that note, has anyone changed the background and have it change back some time later when you re-log in?

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Well I know some forums use a version that uses a code that allows for personal customization, like say I want my background to be nothing but boobies I would be able to upload without having to add it as a community theme just my own personal customization something sorta like that.  meaning add it as an option in our profiles. Although if it means making it a community theme.. then hey so be it. I would be cool with that either way!!! :D

but if not that's cool too.


to answer your question I have logged out after changing my theme & logged back in awhile ago & the theme stayed the same. But I can't answer for everyone else though.

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18 hours ago, Zquad1 said:

Hey Guys I really love the background themes , but may I offer a suggestion, could you make it so we can upload our own images as a background, if you are able to do that?

It's doable. It's not supported out of the box by IPS or the developer of this theme but it's definitely doable.

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i was wondering...  why the background image should be so important that someone might want to upload his/her own fav images ?  (i'm not criticizing, just asking ;) )

i mean...  when i created my profile i chose one of the available backgrounds (randomly) thinking i would change it later if i didn't like it...  well, after coming here every day, usually several time each day, for five weeks, i don't know yet if i like it or not, since i never actually saw it...  it flashes for less then a second while pages load, the rest of the time i can only see less then a inch of it on the borders of the screen, the remainder of the page is covered by the various features of the site (forums, downloads, main page, etc.)... so i can't actually understand why i should bother about what's behind that, besides its color maybe, since i don't like white, or to brilliant/clear colors that would be annoying...  :P


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