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Impossible Feet 2.0 (for modders)


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Impossible Feet 2.0 (for modders)

  • This is intended for people completely familiarized with Sims 3 modding and its tools
  • Because of limited time and language reasons I can only offer very basic support (so you better know what you’re doing before downloading)
  • You’re free to modify this content in any way, shape of form imaginable, you don’t have to ask me for permission


  • I added a second .zip with the open version in its original Blender format, this was made on 2.8 beta so be aware it might not work on earlier versions. Also, the UV seams are a little messy but it shouldn’t be a problem.


  • Intended for female sims (probably could be converted for male sims, if you know how to scale meshes and UV map)
  • The zip file contains feet for closed and open shoes as .wso
  • You can use any prior shoes to assign bones and morphs using Cmar’s Meshtoolkit
  • As stated before the shape is roughly the same as version 1.8 although with better definition on ankles and other areas, adapting old heels will require just a couple of steps and of course you are no longer limited while making straps around the toes and ankle
  • Shape remains far from being anatomically correct (one of several reasons for calling them “Impossible”)
  • Polycount: open shoes has 2692 polygons; closed has 1242


  • The UV has less distortion and in general textures and patterns look better, seamed stockings will show a little deviation between the back of the ankle and sole
  • About custom skins, there’s some stretching around the ankle and of course the toes are far from perfect, my recommendation is to use custom skins made by Kurasoberina which are mostly seamless (except for some tiny patches), E-Skin Fresh by Ephemera shows a faint line on both sides and some defects on toes; the default skin looks OK(ish)
  • Combining shoes made with version 1.8 with accessories that have morphs (necklaces, armbands) deforms both feet and shoes, enough to be noticed even at typical camera distance; with version 2.0 that has been reduced although I only tested it with accessories made by EA, custom ones could make it look way worse
  • The toes area doesn’t have proper bone painting, meaning there’s a chance for some oddities under normal and custom animations and poses although nothing too egregious
  • Under indirect lighting (like from a lamp) there’s a chance from a line appearing on the seam between feet and leg, it shouldn’t be apparent at normal camera distance
  • This is so far what I’ve found but if you experience something else feel free to send me a message (include a picture of the problem)

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