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Kendo 2's UNP Armor and Clothing Mesh Replacer Fixes

Kendo 2

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Kendo 2's UNP Armor and Clothing Mesh Replacer Fixes

This is a fix for the broken UNP vanilla mesh replacers available at Nexus.


The armor and clothing meshes are not skimpy/skinny/animated/jiggly or anything else. They are basic replacers for every vanilla outfit that shows skin aside from Nocturnal's robe. That mesh is not a resource. Dawnguard and Dragonborn files are also available.


This mod fixes:

  • the NiTriShapes renames in the Nifs that were wrong. I switched them back to what they were originally in the vanilla Nifs so texture sets will work properly in the game and the CK.
  • the jacked Nif Num UV Sets and Has Normals values in the NiTriShapeData branch back to what they need to be. (1 and 0).
  • the texture file paths to folders that didn't exist, paths to Astrid's crispy body textures and paths to textures that no one has. I repathed all of the body part BSShaderTextureSet branches to what they need to be, and that is femalebody_1 and the support textures. Every nif (and I do mean every single fucking one) was WRONG.

I fixed all of that.


I also included a UNP foot fix as a separate upload, for those who want it.


Why do you need this?
You really don't unless:

  • you're tired of running out of memory and your game crashes because it is trying to process texture swaps that will never happen for every female NPC in a cell.
  • you are tired of a cell loading and every female NPC there has mismatched body textures that look dark or like they absorb light.
  • you simply want UNP mesh replacers that are fixed. Another bonus is these fixes reduced most of the kb size of the nifs by about 200. The files sizes are smaller.

Something you might want to do on your own is go to meshes\actors\character\character assets in your data folder, open the femalebody_0 nif and rename the NiNode from whatever it is to FemaleBody_0.nif. Do the same thing for femalebody_1 and rename that NiNode to FemaleBody_1.nif.



You might also want to read my tutorial, Do it Dirty: Fix that Skyrim Neck Seam! and start fixing the nifs you download before you install the mod they came with.


and ME for fixing everything that was fucked up.



The usage terms of the files in this upload are retained by the original authors.

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