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Accessory Stockings Set 'H'


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Accessory Stockings Set 'H'

  • This CC is completely free
  • You’re allowed to modify it in any way, shape or form imaginable; you don’t need to ask me for permission
  • I don’t take requests nor commissions


  • Base game compatible
  • For teen, young adult and adult femsims
  • Located on accessory section, stockings slot
  • Enabled for naked, everyday, sleepwear, formalwear, career, outwear and validformaternity
  • Disabled for random sims
  • 2-4 color channels


  • Pixelation on full zoom
  • Texture deformation on animations and stretching depending on your sim body proportions
  • Some colors might be hard to get


  • The UV map for the legs and feet created by Electronic Arts isn’t symmetrical (among other issues) and that generates a big gap when you use a custom texture, like a fishnet. Using texture projection and the clone brush in Blender I was able to “fix” this
  • Making it to work perfectly on both the default leg / feet plus MedBod and the Impossible Feet 2.0 is a work in progress, these stockings “look fine” with any combination but you might see some extra stretching and even some small gaps
  • Also the soles look awful, sorry!
  • H2 is almost the same as the one located here, except for the gap and other small details


  • H2 was made sampling S4’ fishnet stockings made by EA
  • H3 use a texture based on a pattern made by EA


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