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  3. @endgameaddiction You were right, the bags Bethesda sent are junk. "Barely a step up over nylon."
  4. I'm the most down to earth alien you will ever meet. I have to copy the URL then paste it into a new tab to get to the video.. Strange..
  5. You might want to come back to earth then.
  6. UFC ring girl Brittany Palmer. RAWR.
  7. Bully Hunter and body-positive land whale ZombieUnicorn takes it on herself to call out dancers and boothgirls at E3...and fails miserably. Jesus Christ she's a fucking pig.
  8. When exorcism is performed and Todd is finally released from your soul.
  9. If that was the case... Fallout 76 woudn't be the glitchy piece of shit it is... The Creation Club would have "major quest" and other things. If someone's mouth is moving at Bethesda... it is 95% likely they are spouting lies, the last 5% Is intentional misleading statements. At least in this instance they had to deliver on their promised goods.
  10. So six months later customers get what they paid for. Par for the course for Bethesda and FO76 these days.
  11. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/...-finally-delivered-the-fallout-76-canvas-bags
  12. He is off his meds.. lol Doesn't mean he is wrong though.
  13. Last week
  14. Back in the 1930's there was a whole series of movie shorts called 'Baby Burlesks'. They are disturbing; putting 5 yr old Shirley Temple in adult situations with other kids...dressing her in lingerie, etc. The shorts are nasty-gross. This 'Desmond is Amazing' drag bullshit is just as bad. Liberals want to shut down loli/shota 2d and 3d art but sexualizing REAL KIDS is okay...because they're 'trans' so that's empowering.
  15. @ritualclarity Yeah, they'll lose too many patrons they'll have to shut down. But it's not impossible to think it will happen. Just look at gaming and how SJWs have intervened into the culture. Same with the film industry. Sure, there will be plenty of clubs that will not pander to these snowflakes, but all it takes is hiring the wrong person and destroying it.
  16. 3:47... If that was an 11 year old girl doing that... the parents would be sent to jail for exploitation of a child. 11 years olds... shouldn't be doing that regardless of if male or female, gay or straight. It is one thing to support the child's development and quite another exploiting it. Also, how could grown adults not feel like a pedo tossing money at a child dancing at a club like a stripper (I assume a stripper and not doing a rendition of "I am a little tea pot" ... Wait... that is even worse.. ) As for your statement @endgameaddiction about strip clubs... not going to happen. They will go out of business unless they are part of a gay club. I can't see any mainstream, current strip club ever having that there. ... Unless that trans has their full operation (remove the meaty bits) and look better than any of the women they have there. Which in the US is a pretty long shot. (Trans can't get treatment until well after puberty which makes it extremely hard to pass, unlike South America, and some Asia countries. ) Well @endgameaddiction you were very successful in making me cringe...
  17. I already see it coming. Trans are ruining women sports and soon enough they are going to ruin strip clubs trying to force heterosexual men to look at floppy disks dicks. All about that tolerance and acceptance. yay!!!
  18. kboom


    that is where i downloaded it, other links on the site still work. You should check it
  19. He decided to send a dam Tesla into space. How much of a carbon footprint that that leave
  20. That would totally go against the tree humpers and their love for the eco-system. I'd like to have NC-17 rated games. Meaning I want games specifically designed for adults only. Tired of these companies wanting to accommodate their games to the vast majority possible. Would of been interesting if Forsworn/Reachmen would have interbred with Daedra like in the lore. Nah, Bethesda can't have none of that. They gotta tiptoe over the franchise and make sure nothing hardcore is implemented because family friendly content is a priority if we want the largest audience possible.
  21. Elon is going to make nuke powered 40~50's style cars now. No more problem or complaints about how long the car takes to charge. Bonus.. it can run a small town when it isn't being used to drive somewhere.
  22. Haha beginning to like Elon, he also wants R-rated stuff in games. Edit: Just finished watching. One of them seemed like an honest guy and the other felt rather insincere. I'm sure you can tell which one is which.
  23. Todd's going to show him the ropes on how to make broken electric cars. Or Tesla is going to be implemented in Fallout lore somehow because 'that's just cool bruh'.
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