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  3. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-03-15-fallout-fan-creates-the-most-detailed-timeline-yet Not only for Fallout 70sucks but for all of fallout. A timeline. Interesting idea. Wonder how accurate it is (or you guys gales and aliens believe it is :P)
  4. https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2019/04/16/report-jussie-smollett-cut-from-starring-role-in-broadway-revival-of-take-me-out/ It must suck right now to be that "gay Tupac". One of the most cringeworthy comments ever of 2019. I bet Tupac would've knocked that faggot out for saying that if he were alive.
  5. ^ isn't news to me. I knew that shit will happen. It happened to the previous "left" and will happen again and again. I say great! Good for them! keep it up! Seriously.. the more they are eating each other up and fucking with each other's projects the less the have time to fuck with the mainstream. Just saying..
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  7. Never knew about it till now. Looks interesting. For the price it's going for, I'll wait.
  8. Vampire and elf faces are f*cked. I used MO2 and opened a new, clean session and installed the requirements followed by this mod as a test. In other words, there is no mod conflict. This mod is doing it on it's own.
  9. Anyone here play this? I'm thinking of buying this but I want to know what people here think of it.
  10. hey can we expect more awesome episodes or is the forever a three part series?
  11. What traditional means to them means something much greater to us. What Turd Howard really means by traditional is more games like Skyrim Special Edition and Fallout 4. Continue with Creation Club and half arsed DLCs like Hearthfire and those worthless workshops in FO4. What traditional means to us is go back to the Morrowind and Fallout 3 days where they actually made DLCs and there was no Creation Club..
  12. And she goes into hide mode after being such an idiot calling a jew a Nazi. She's not so brave now. Reminds me of that idiot SJW in a purple sweater who kicked that girl's smartphone who also went on hide mode. Or rather, was aiming for her phone but soy boys can't fight anyhow so their aim sucks.
  13. I remember watching some chick's youtube video a long time ago, during the time when FO76 was official and getting a huge backlash. She was defending the developers because they are just doing what they are told and that it's the upper managements fault. But what she doesn't understand is that they are part of the problem. Just like fanboys when they continue to support these bad practices that affect us all. If all of this was only centered around Bethesda, it wouldn't matter. But it spreads across the industry like a plague and takes a toll on us because we begin to have less and less games to support because more companies adapt to the idea of predatory practices through micro-transactions. That's why I officially decided after Skyrim that I would never support Bethesda again. For as long as I do, I feed into the problem. You can bet when corporations start to put their dirty fingers into something, it's bound to go bad. They did it with the music industry and we have the worst music with no talented "artists". Till this day mainstream music, for the most part, remains to be garbage. Even more so when mainstream is filled with libtards.
  14. womp-womp-womp Leftist authoritarian psycho loses her job after calling old Jew in a MAGA hat a 'Nazi'.
  15. I'm waiting until they decide all this negative press isn't worth it and they start shutting down their servers... they didn't setup the system to allow private servers yet... did they? With all they are doing, and all the negative press, I can easily see them doing so without any warning... 11:40...
  16. So we have round two of pay-to-win for FO76...yaknow dat game that would ever have to pay-to-win. And another one, so this is making the rounds on Youtube. So much for it flying under the radar.
  17. I see that point.. but I also see that corporations are trying to cash in and taking every opportunity to do so. they fail (go to far) they pull back and then try another approach again and again until it sticks... They keep on pushing the boundary's again and again. That combined with the increase in casual gamers is really damaging quality of games. Eventually they managed to succeed.. (Creation Club) and get something they have been working on for a very long time (not stating it is a success but people basically given up on that issue) It is just a matter of them holding out and continuing to force their ideas and tricks on their customers before they finally give in. Oh how I now long for the bugs and glitches from the old Fallout 3, NV and even old rim. Where horse armor is outlandish and everyone is outraged from such a thing....
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