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Katrina Jade 7.0


*********PLEASE READ *********Out of all the stars I have talked to online. This woman is the most hateful, disturbed and most hate filled Bitch I have ever spoken to. It's understandable become somewhat 'hardened' and jaded inside in the adult industry but this bitch takes things to a new level. I'm talking an almost 'in human' level of hate and anger. I think its combination of the industry and personal life. But following posts for quite awhile, her posts became pretty disturbing an her outlook towards men in general also become pretty disturbing. Download if you want throw bitch in dungeon. I don't care. I will never make another mod of this Bitch again.  I have seen Crocodiles and sharks with more heart than this bitch. COLD AS ICE...!!!


 ******Warning*****when copying files or installing mods always go with larger file size or newest file date*** **These mods are not being released in the order they were created** These mods are all texture based thrown over the 3d map as best as possible; not always in alignment. I never had any issues or heard of any major issue reported with any of my mods. Use at your own risk, discretion, never hurts to have backups.



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