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Celebration Time - We just reached 2000 Members

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Time to celebrate. Our little site is now over 2000 excellent and very cool members as of April 13th. Some call Friday the 13th unlucky, however this isn't the case for our site. It is an excellent milestone that we have accomplished and shows we are moving int he correct direction. Lets keep the momentum and drive towards 4000 members O.o.

Come and join in on our celebration.

Here is to you



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10 minutes ago, Kendo 2 said:

If we keep doing what we're doing (modding, support, and leaving folks alone) there's no way the site won't grow.  Word will spread.

Yep I agree. (especially on leaving folks alone as much as possible). Word apparently is already spreading as people seem to be coming from all over the place besides the main places (Nexus, LL etc). Some have difficulty even playing the game :P


I want to take a moment and comment on the membership totals. It is great that there are many members here on NSFWmods however we aren't interested in being the biggest or have the most mods or the funnest game threads, we are soul interested in being the best site for modding. By keeping on the focus that Kendo stated above "modding, support, and leaving folks alone" (where ever/ whenever possible :P) we will achieve our goals. Having a large amount of great and cool members is just the icing on the internet modding cake and not our main objective.


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Hey, the VampireDante texted me and said he'd like to apply for moderator.  Also something or another about animals in bidets towards RitualClarity. 

And yay, more people > than less people!


(The last line wasn't facetious.  I swear, by all that is something or another.)

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