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Foundation (Asimov)... or rather 2021 "Woke Edition" by Apple


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  • bjornk changed the title to Foundation (Asimov)... or rather 2021 "Woke Edition" by Apple
On 2/3/2021 at 3:50 PM, endgameaddiction said:

Haven't read the books, but I read the comments on YT. I wouldn't even bother watching anything by Apple. I don't follow woke companies,

When they created Lord of the Rings, it was great. They followed the book mostly and really made it epic.  I have zero confidence they will follow the book or make it epic, or even do a fair job on this. It looks like they are trying to make a name for themselves and gather more into the cult of Steve Jobs.

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In looking for info abbot the Apple Foundation I entered in the search bar "Apples Woke Foundation" and I found this thread.


About the only things they got right was a character named Harry Seldon, that it was male. There was a galactic empire and a planet called terminus. The rest of the story is all claptrap BS.

I pulled up my old mp3 files of the Foundation audiobook and listened to it again. 

Who thought it was a good idea to steal A.C. Clarks space elevator and put it into Foundation as "the space bridge"?

Cloned emperors, a robot working in the open and on and on.

Thank God they didn't do this to Lord Of The Rings.


Hober Mallow

Captain Farstar

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