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Creating World Spaces


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Skyrim, preferably... as it will be the most relevant to Fallout 4. 
(Yes, Kendo. I know. "Blah blah Fallout 4 blah blah"). Lets face it. While it's a shitty came at it's core (story-wise), there's a lot of potential for mods to make a great game. I wanna add to that with a small story of my own :)

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7 hours ago, ritualclarity said:

Perhaps a thread for each game section with tutorials and hints and tricks to modify the game? Then questions related to modding the game can be posted there. While at it create a thread for the texture,mesh, animation threads tutorials as well.

@Anatriax as for creating world content ... Fallout 4 needs some more added content... :)


         Oooooh i  like. Trying too figure out how to fix a UV Map of late.

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 Btw i don't know if any of you knew. TesAlliance has been down most of the month, will on;y be up for a short while until they find a new server.



We really apologize for this disruption, we've been at the mercy of multiple server hosts and have had no notice of changes, delays, or actions taken in this process. We will fight, I will fight, with everything I've got to keep TESA standing. It might get bumpy, so hang on. :construction:

DarkRider and the TESA Team "



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I've created a new world space from scratch just pushing and pulling it into existence. Easy, very easy but. IMHO a horrid, horrid endeavour. Creating something that looks natural in such a way is fraught with mediocrity.


There is a tool called L3DT which supposedly can convert heightmaps into Skyrim terrain worldspaces. I am at the point where I can create realistic and consistent heightmaps but I'm yet to turn those into workable worldspaces within the creation kit. I will make it work.

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