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Custom Hairs Fixes 1


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Custom Hairs Fixes 1

These and almost all custom hairs work perfectly fine for day-to-day simming but when you mix them with custom animations some issues might appear:

  • Deformation of the whole hair or sections of it    
  • Clipping behind the neck or on the sides of the face
  • Depending on the position/camera angle you can see holes showing the whole scalp (or the lack of it)
  • The hair mesh doesn’t cover the scalp texture (this one is not attributable to custom animations it just happens I’m able to fix it to some degree)

Even when I modified the name and thumbnail to reflect that these aren’t the originals, the “hashes” remain the same so these are effectively ‘default replacements’

  • Delete the originals and copy these on your mod folder, the game should load the fixed meshes automatically. If you want to be double sure delete your ‘Worldcaches’ if there’s a sim(s) in your world(s) that use any of these hairs
  • If you’re going to install them for the first time just delete you ‘CASPartCache’

The zip contains:

  • Nightcrawler Mina, converted by Rollorolls
  • Nightcrawler Heart, converted by Rollorolls
  • Simpliciaty Phoebe, converted by honeymooncc3
  • LeahLillith Millie, converted by ifcaSims
  • Anto Ines, converted by Chazybazzy, retextured by IfcaSims


  • Mina, Millie and Heart had issues showing the scalp texture behind neck and/or ears, I also removed Heart’s front braids. Phoebe, Millie and Ines had bone issues
  • Phoebe and Ines combined two bones so portions of the hair could move along the neck, those bones were removed so they might look a little bit “stiff”
  • I only modified the main mesh (LOD0 or LOD1), I also might have added the pregnant category or removed the ‘valid for random’ one but I cannot remember if that was the case for any of these
  • Requests will be ignored.


  • Nightcrawler, Simpliciaty, LeahLillith, Anto, Rollorolls, honeymooncc3, Chazybazzy, ifcaSims

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