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Korean Modern Skyrim Costume


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The item name might not show up properly. (due to the fonts and language) If it it does it will show in Korean or whatever language that mod is for. I don't think it will hurt other things so long as it is a new item added to the game. (not a re-texture) and no other items have been edited related to the game.

Backup your game well and then give it a try. if it don't work well then return back to what you had. Perhaps if the OP don't care or mind someone could create a different language version for those that are interested. In fact something like this shouldn't be hard even for a new person. FNVedit.. open up the mod and change the naming of the clothing to something that fits the language it will be used in. At least as far as I know about modding and what this represents. Perhaps Kendo or Doublezero could chime in. For a single or couple of armors it should be really easy to convert.

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On 2016. 12. 9. at 1:31 AM, Von_Manstein said:

they are nice, but i prefer lore-friendly stuff ;)  great job anyway

All 99 of my followers are wearing similar clothes like this
Now all female npc in Skyrim are being replaced with modern costumes.
Their common costume style is costumes in which the chest and bottom are exposed
It's different from Skyrim's style, but I'm happy seeing their exposed costumes ^0^~~

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On 2017. 12. 5. at 11:38 AM, UnknownS said:

Found this while browsing for outfits and logged into this account I never use much JUST for these. May I have dl?

These costumes are mostly .....
We have already used the resources of the released skyrim mod
I personally introduced a modified costume
This is my yutube channel

It just contains everyday games and introductions.
If you want to use a costume like this ....
If you try a little, you will soon be able to make it yourself

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