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The fallout from Fallout 4 (Discussion Thread)

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Yeah I'm in the middle of my last and final FO4 run. Not sure there's enough modding activity to get everybody that needs it updated for the new version.

Even Skyrim, which has plenty of activity is still not ready yet with all the SKSE mods. Going on month 4 now! FO4 could take a year or... more likely will never get mods updated.

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On 4/22/2024 at 6:03 AM, ritualclarity said:

Warning a new update is coming up which will really change the game. (AKA fuck up your mods)

Some of the changes listed in the video.

Heh.... one thing that shows up in that video, and also in the FO4 game I'm playing: the awful LOD. It's just craptastic. Compared to modded Skyrim where you can see the torch on a tower from halfway across the province on a clear day. 😂

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5 hours ago, Kendo 2 said:

They left out the DLLs and other covert Market Place bullshit they're violating your existing license with.

If they are volating the licenses then why aren't someone starting a class action?

(I have been part of 3 or 4 of them so far. Free $$$ lol. Not a lot mind you... except this last one was a few thousand dollars but most of the time it is only a couple of hundred bucks. Good to go out to a nice steak resterant!

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22 hours ago, Doublezero said:


What they can do if they were smart would be to do what they did with Second Skyrim release.  REbuild the entire game engine and do their changes and let people that own it have a free copy. Then they would have what they wanted. Better tools for their Creation Engine crap. If I understand this correctly they wanted to add some tools and such so that they can expand their options and be supported.

Another option would be to use Unreal Engine or something like that and migrate it over on this.  They have the assets, they have the quest and such so all they would need to do is to set it up in the engine of choice.  From what I learned the engine cost to use for the game isn't that much. They can also add the mods (the mods that they want to add that is, not the added scripts and such) which would let them do what they really want and leave the old game fucking alone.

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On 5/22/2024 at 5:00 PM, Kendo 2 said:

Intentionally incompetent at that.

I was thinking that perhaps they aren't intentionally incompetent.

Maybe they are greedy and just lazy. Taking the shortest path to releasing a game possible. Fallout 76 is one such example. An online game that had no NPCs (when the game started) and NPCs were only added after people bitched about it.  Starfail is another example. The one thing that they did poorly but better than they did in Starfield was create areas and world spaces. With Starfail they used procedurally generated world seeing that other game do it and be successful. (after several years)

Another thing I believe is causing their problems is their hiring process. Their interest in diversity over quality job canidates gives them less skilled and less tallented staff. Don't get me wrong, it is fine hiring dirvirsity and giving people that otherwise wouldn't have gotten a chance to shine and opportunity however, in such cases you need really strong employees in place to help brign the new hire up to speed and give them proper training and mentorship so that they can be successful. They don't appear to have that structure and the ones that shoudl be bringing up the new employees appear to be just as bad if not worse than the new hires and they are leading them... but not in the right direction as evident with their failure after failure and drop from grace. They are only starting strong now due to their history and fan base but that will eventually tarnish and fans will  leave.

They couldn't even get the tools and structure right for Starfail causing the mod authors to leave in droves and that wasn't enough. They had to fuck up the game right when they shouldn't have done so. Right after a popular show brought record amounts of fans to their IPs. It is obvious that they are trying their fucking best to remove the (outside) modder from the equation and force everybody into their ecosystem. IMO it is fine if they want to do that shit however, do it right and do it with future games or releasaes of previous games like they did with Skyrim second edition. Just release the fucking game with the creator club tools and lock out the rest of the mod authors and be done with it. Let the old games stand and gather mod authors and let them do their shit there and if they get interested in modding for the creation club they can come into the newer games. I am sure there are many that would sell their soul to do so. Just look at what people did with Nexus and their bullshit "ownership" of mods they did. Darkone took a chance and understood he would have many that either didin't give a shit or would want to do this bullshit. Eventually people will come into modding and go to Nexus as this is the biggest site and likely the first one they experienced when starting to mod. It will be the status quo and nobody will bat an eye on it (that is new) in the future.

I was honestly hoping that the shitty Microsoft company would at least make sure they did a decent job at creating a game but guess not even Microsoft could right that ship.

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