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'Gaming News' section and guidelines

Kendo 2

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This forum section is dedicated to gaming news.  PC games and Console Games are the primary focus.

The submission criteria is straightforward:

  1. It is a real news story.
  2. Links to the original article(s) are required.
  3. No opinions or bias in the story's main post.
  4. Submissions should be tagged as News in the tags bar for ease of searches, along with other pertinent tags (Game Name, Publisher, etc.)
  5. NSFW staff are authorized to edit story content and title.  Consider us the 'Editor's Desk'.  This insures story integrity.
  6. Off topic posts and submissions that do not meet the criteria will be deleted.

The Gaming News section's objective is to create a reputable news pool from a variety of reliable sources.  Hyperbole, fecklessness and pusillanimous wankery are not at the core values of NSFW.  Unfiltered and unapologetic truth always prevails.

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