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Witcher: Celebrating the 10th Anniversary

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I watched an interview a month ago that Marcin Iwinski said they would be putting Witcher off for a while creating something else. And would return to the series when the time felt right. CP2077 is one of those. And I believe they have plans to be working on another RPG apart from CP2077.

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10 hours ago, endgameaddiction said:


Nice,touch. 4th wall break. A bit corny at the end but ... how many other companies will take time out to do such a simple but really special thing for their customers?

The new Witcher game wouldn't be the same without Geralt. Also it is very difficult to catch the feeling and excitement when creating a game in the universe that was part of our favorite games. It is very risky. I wonder how  they will do this. Perhaps a prequel to a time before Geralt. Perhaps another witcher and his/her experience in an ever more modern world, where magic and such is a very rare occurrence covered up by the governments and other entities (churches and such) and the very nature of him/her and the  work they do is to be kept secret... Or, another conjunction with fresh experiences and horrors and the need to start the horrible experiences again and new Witchers are created (perhaps this time where you could create your own witcher using the sex, school and perhaps even race... there are mentions of possibility of elves being witchers in the past per the game)  Time will tell. I have a fair amount of confidence that they will do a great job at whatever they do r/t this.

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    • By endgameaddiction
      Okay, I figured I would open a thread on Cyberpunk 2077 so that we all could have a discussion about. Feel free to speculate, criticize, hate it, love it and so on.
      For those who haven't kept up much on Cyperpunk 2077, or never heard of the game, Cyperpunk 2077 is an RPG based off the original Cyberpunk 2020 which is a table top/pen and paper RPG created by Mike Pondsmith, which sets the Cyberpunk world exactly 57 years later. From what we do know, classes haven't changed, but we will see how the world has progressed from then to now. We also know that CDPR is trying to keep to the originality of the game as much as possible. Below I have listed what we know so far about CP2077 and what we can expect to be featured in the game. However, because this game is still in development and not much is really known about this game, take some of these things with a grain of salt.
      I will be updating this thread with new information and related videos with CD Projekt Red and Cyberpunk 2077. But if you want to really know more on what Cyberpunk (the game) is about, I suggest researching on Cyberpunk 2020 as it will help give an idea and understanding of Cyberpunk 2077. Some of the things in the trailer from back in 2013 are references from the table top RPG that presumably might be in CP2077 from what we see.
      Also, feel free to post any new information you find.
      Here's a brief history of this game's development throughout the years and relevant imformation that YongYea kindly put together in regards to CD Projekt Red and Cyberpunk 2077.
      What we can expect so far is...
      CP2077 will be on the latest Red Engine 4. Play as male or female. Open world sandbox. Allow you to customize you character's appearance and choose the class/role you want. Multi-player will be a feature in the game. Driveable vehicles on ground and in air. Motorcycles seems to be on that list. It is confirmed that CP2077 wil be FPS and TPS (first person and third person shooter and view). CP2077 will be about you saving yourself and not about saving the world. Drugs and more than likely sex as well since this is a very mature based game. That, and Witcher 3 had sex scenes in that game, so it's no surprise if we see this level of mature content in CP2077. Braindance which is basically a brain implant that lets you experiences someone else's life experience first hand. If you're a rockstar and someone buys an implant of your on stage perfomance, they will live that experience themselves through braindance. implants/augmentations that will significantly boost your character depending the role/class you are as each role/class will have advantages of certain implants over others. Attire and implants will have an impact on NPCs. How much in CP2077 is uncertain at this point. The way it will have an impact is by certain implants and NPCs reactions towards you and those modifications. Each role/class will have their advantages over others and more than likely their weaknesses. It's like the SPECIAL used in Fallout 1 and 2 where you have slight advantages but also disadvantages as well. It's not a system meant to create the perfect and godly characters. CP2077 will have multi-launguage implemented in it. What this does is the world will have NPCs of different ethnicity that will talk in their native language. And in order for you the player to be able to understand what they're saying, you'll have to buy a translating implant. CP2077 will be a not so distance from the future rather than a futuristic sci-fi game. CP2077 takes place a little over 50 years after CP2020 so you will see weapons (and perhaps gear as well) from the 2020 era more modified in 2077.  
      Related Videos in spoiler.
    • By ritualclarity
      Apparently there is an actual Witcher school that you could attend for a Weekend
      Larp anyone?
    • By Kendo 2
      Witcher 3 GOTY edition is on sale on Origin for $50.  It has all of the DLCs, official patches (that actually fix things, not break other things) armor and weapon packs, character overhauls, etc.