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Blizzard Done Fucked It Up


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So the latest controversial is Blizzard and their latest game: Diablo: Immortal, which happens to be a mobile game that was introduced in BlizzCon. I figured I would open the topic to laugh and bash Blizzard, the fanboys and stupid so called journalists who quickly run to defend Blizzard.

Let the hate unleash!



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They (Blizzard) should have just taken their licks and deal with the issue in a professional manner and not state"don't everybody have phones".

They also could have stated... due to great feedback, we are now considering creating a PC version of Diablo. We love our customers and want to create great games they love.

The answer to the share price...  The price isn't really making great changes.  Not much troubles there. Likely the stock buyers are likely upset with the entire package. The fact that customers "Boo'd" the announcers... (these are core players) and their response... (keep in mind EA's responses and the total profit changes)


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