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Control Menu


The Sims 4 Control Menu


A mod intended to provide commands to control various aspects about your Sims, their world, and objects in that world through a simple to use menu system.

Game/Creator: The Sims 4 [EA]
Modder:  ColonolNutty - Wiki - Discord
Language: English
Game Version: 1.96.397.1020 (Growing Together) and above



For a full list of commands and more details on their functions, check out the wiki at the top of this description!

Sim Commands:

  • Occults
    • Change Sims into various Occult Types: Alien, Mermaid, Plant Sim, Servo, Scarecrow, Skeleton, Vampire, Witch, Werewolf
  • Age
    • Set the age of Sims. Change them into any age.
    • Ability to set a multiplier that'll either increase or decrease the length in days of Sims per life stages.
  • Career
    • Set Careers and Career Level of Sims
    • Remove Careers (Including the High School/Grade School "careers" from Teen Sims and Child Sims)
  • Currency
    • Add/Remove Simoleons from the household.
  • Relationships
    • Set Friendship/Romance levels
    • Remove Relationship Bits between Sims
    • Set/Remove Family Relations between Sims
      • This will update the Family Tree too!
    • Forget Sims - Remove all relations with another Sim.
  • Pregnancy
    • Create Pregnancies between Sims
    • Induce Labor in Sims
    • Clear Pregnancies of Sims
    • Reroll a pregnancy until you get what you want
    • Pregnancy Duration (This setting persists when reloading the game)
  • Sim Control
    • Teleport Sims To Anywhere, To Your Sim, or Teleport Your Sim To Anywhere.
    • Spawn/Despawn Sims
  • Buffs
    • Remove Buffs
  • Traits
    • Set Personality Traits
    • Remove Traits
    • Add any Trait in the game
  • Name
    • Set First/Last Name
    • Set Pronouns
  • Walkstyles
    • Change walkstyles of Sims
  • Motives
    • Modify Motives on Sims. Set to Minimum, Maximum, or anywhere in between.
  • Skills
    • Set Skill Levels
    • Randomize Skill Levels (Can also randomize from a specific set of Skills)
    • Clear Skills (Set them all to Zero)
  • Household
    • Set the maximum number of Sims allowed per Household
  • Death
    • Manage and Revive Ghosts
    • Kill Sims
  • Other Interactions
    • Summon Sims
    • Summon Sims from the Relationship Panel
    • Teleport Sims To Various Places
    • Override Mood of Sims
  • Other Changes
    • Gain control of Sims temporarily without adding them to your Household. (Control Menu -> Gain Control Of Sim/Remove Control Of Sim)
    • Pet Sims are now made selectable when they are in your Household
    • Make Sims perform any Interaction on Objects. (Control Menu -> Manipulate Sim To Perform Interaction)

Sim Interactions:

  • Outfit
    • Change Outfit - Interaction to quickly change the outfit of a Sim.
    • Change To Nude - Interaction to quickly change a Sim to their nude outfit.
  • Cheat
    • Add/Remove Sims To/From the Current Household

Game World:

  • Clock Speed
    • Change how fast or slow the game will run. Run it in slow motion or at mach speeds!
    • Change the speed of the clock without changing animation speed. (This setting persists when reloading the game)
  • Weather
    • Change the weather
  • Lot
    • Set the maximum number of Sims allowed on a lot at one time.



  • Sims 4 Community Library at least version 2.8 - NSFWMods



  1. Drag and drop all folders and files directly into your "The Sims 4/Mods" folder
  2. Delete the existing files from previous versions if they exist!

    The final paths for the files should be the following:

    The Sims 4/Mods/controlmenu.package
    The Sims 4/Mods/controlmenu.ts4script


Basic Usage:

  • To use the mod, simply click on a Sim or on various objects then navigate to the Control Menu interaction
    • Please note: If the control menu does not appear when clicking on some things, it likely means functionality is not yet available for that thing.
  • Check the Wiki at the top of the description for details on what each feature does!




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