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Kendo 2

[Sims 4] Kendo 2's Tight Leather Pants

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[Sims 4] Kendo 2's Tight Leather Pants

What this does:
Adds 3 stand-alone color variations (black, red and white) of sexy tight-fitting leather pants. The meshes are custom; new LODs, new binaries, etc. And the texture normal maps have been redone.

The pants are available for female Teens, Young Adults, Adults and Elders in the following outfit categories; Everyday, Party and Situational.  Occult category Aliens, Humans and Witches are supported. I made new catalog thumbnails so the pants are easy to spot in CAS.



The Spa Day DLC.  If anyone knows how to remove a DLC dependency please PM me with the info.


None. All of the items are stand-alone.


Possible Issues:

The pants meshes will not work well with a few pairs of the vanilla game's boots.  I know what is causing it and no, I'm not going to redo the meshes.  It isn't worth it to me to make the meshes work with boots I never use.  Also, this mod might not work with Mac versions of the game.


Extract the zipped file and drop the package file into C:\Users\'your name'\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods. When the game loads it should display as a non-scripted mod if you bother to look for it.


Do not direct link the files.  Do not upload my content to other sites.
You may not use my content as part of compilations, place it behind pay walls, or do anything else crooked.
EA ‘Et al’ and you the downloader have no vetted interest in this content.


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