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Games that you played


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In all the years that i have a Computer (Windows based), i played many Games. What were your favorite Games in all the Time?

My first Game was Bundesliga Manager Pro. (a Soccer/Football Manager Simulation) by Software2000, later a Economy Simulation where you have to organize ships like a shipowner Company, it's called 'Der Reeder' by the same Gamepublisher. These games i player for long time, mostly together with friends. Often we played Pinball Dreams/Fantasies by Digital Illusions too.

A few years later, after i updated my Computer with an actually Graphic Card and a better CPU, we played The Need for Speed and F1 Racing Simulation by Ubi-Soft, sometimes via Lan Party. My next game was Tomb Raider 2. After this Age of Empires.

Then i had my first contact with the Role Play genre - Diablo and later Diablo II and i was fascinated by this kind of Games.

in 1999 i bought Baldurs Gate and the add-on. OMG 5 Disks, when i played this game i felt like a DJane. Till a friend gives me the hint, use DAEMON Tools or Alcohol 120%. ;)

2001 Baldurs Gate 2 with add-on

Now, i comprimise this post and i count olny the Games, which i played

Need for Speed Underground, Delta Force BHD, Neverwinter Nights + SoU + HotU, Icewind Dale 1+2, KotoR, Planescape Torment, KotoR2, Sacred Underworld, Hellgate London, Neverwinter Nights 2, Guild Wars (my first MMO), TES Morrowind + Oblivion, AION, Dragon Age: origins (first Game with Mods), TES-Online, Blade and Soul and last but not least -> TES-Skyrim 

I think, i got all. Wich Games did you played?


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I started with the original Call of Duty.  Then in 2006 I was working a lot and living in hotels.  I needed something to do so I bought Oblivion to play on my laptop.  After that I played all of the Bethesda ElderScrolls plus FO3 and NewVegas.  After that I got bored with Bethesda so I played the Witcher games, Assassin's Creed 1-3, a few Batman games and Shadow of Mordor.  Played MassEffect 1-3 too.  Out of all of the games I've played I like Witcher3 and Shadow of Mordor the most, then Skyrim and FO3.


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Bioshock 1 & 2, didn't get a round to play the third version.

Played Oblivion, but didn't get hooked as others, Played Fallout 3 extensively and then later Fallout NV and even a few passes on Fallout 4. (didn't really enjoy it as much. Sad there isn't as many modding tools to make it great. The base game is boring.  The previous Fallout games (3 and NV ) I played quite a bit before I even added any mods.

I played and liked the original KTOR and KTOR II quite a bit. 

Really liked the ME series 1 through 3 however MEA is very bad even if you discount the graphics and glitches (they are working with a new engine this time) the stories and character development doesn't seem as well developed or polished. Sad... I was really looking forward to this game. At the time I got the game I ddin't realize Bethesda was behind creating the game. I only saw EA. Based on the decline of Bethesda games the past few years... I wouldn't have gotten it. Everybody bitches about the glitches and animations. That can be fixed with a bit of effort. What can't be fixed is the major story lines and quest and such, well not very easily. 

Witcher III the first one of the series that I played from CK Projet Red. I was blown away. First frustrated to no end. It is HARD game, a very HARD game. Even on easy I was having my ass handed to me. If you are used to Bethesda type of game play where you are a tank and "hero" and such then you will be very disappointed. CK Project Red doesn't take it easy on you. No "freebiees" or "I'm Special" players. They give it to you full on from the start.  I went back a few times and gotten better and better and enjoyed it more and more as I learned the game and how to play. Timing the hits and such. (rare not to have a button masher or a "Vats" or "Bullet time" to make the game easier on the player. However once I really got the idea and started doing well I took on characters (early levels ) as much as 2x time my level. If I missed a chance or fucked up... I was dead. Some of the encounters ended being one hit kills at the levels I was taking on. My hand never gotten so cramped or I never gotten so jumpy on a video game in my life.

If you are someone that will bitch about running into a 30th level creature or NPC when you are only 7~10 level and get your ass handed to you because you decided you were a "hero" then this game isn't for you. If you want to have challenges and surprises which actually matter and have a risk that you could be killed. then this game is for you.

Tried the previous versions but couldn't get used to the keymapping and gameplay and stopped to play another game. Might return to them. However, looking at the previous versions Witcher 1 and 2 you can see why people are so impressed with CD Project Red as they are growing exponentially with their tech, texture and game in general. 


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It's very interesting, which Games you played. Of course the Witcher Series be missed in my RPG collection. I don't know why? Maybe the missing Char Creator is one of the reasons. You must play as Geralt (without Mods) and i like to play as a Female. It is for me, when Ellen Ripley were be an Alan Ripley in Alien. In the most of the popular Films are almost Men the Protagonists, in a RPG Game i want to play the Hero that i want.  

KotoR 2 was nice, but the End was terrible. It looks so unfinished. I compare it with the LotR trilogy, but the Trilogy ends after the first Part - PJ: Okay let's ask Gwaihir and Fly to Mordor. So we can release the Film now. NLC: What is with the rest? PJ: Lets make a extended Directors Cut on DVD - NLC: Okay (PJ - Peter Jackson / NLC - New Line Cinema)

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my games list is kind of short i think...

The Sims 2 and The Sims 3

Diablo 3 (with Reaper of Souls expansion)

Tomb Rider (2013 edition)

and Skyrim of course ! my favorite game ever (because of modders, not bethesda :P )

ah ! i also started Rise of the Tomb Raider but haven't finished it yet

and recently started playing Neverwinter online with some internet friends

that' all i think...

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I think, when The Elder Scrolls have not the modding Scene, it will be fasten a boring game, one that you will play maximum 2 times. The Game is now 6 1/2 years old and the Modders still create active  mods again. Every day there are new Mods to discover and explore. I like this so much. Dragon Age: origins was the first game what i played with mods, but there were not enough Mods, to expand your gameplay and i lost the interest to play DAo over and over again. Skyrim have a lot of different Platforms and not only two or three like Armors, Nudepatch or other small things. Skyrim is tranformed to Sexrim and it makes a lot of fun to test the seperate Ideas. I never thought, to play as a Hermaphrodite or as a Succubus, inclusive having sex with the NPCs, with a good looking graphic. I love this Game and i hope, that many interesting Mods will find the way to my computer.

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i play completely different games such as :

Civilization (from I to V)

Europa Universalis (fron I to IV)

the Total War series...

and several other strategy games (e.g. Victoria, Hearts of Iron I to III, Atlantic Fleet, etc.)

probably that's why when i tried Tomb Raider and Skyrim didn't actually loved them and ended up giving them to a certain cute and nice girl i know ;)

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