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SkyBlivion Official Trailer

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34 minutes ago, Reepa7 said:

2025...then another two years to wait for "necessary" mods. GTA 6 MIGHT be out before then.

It's going to take time. It is a compllete rework of both. Likely they aren't a big team like that would be found at an game studio. I say, take the time necessary.


4 hours ago, Kendo 2 said:

Please Lord let it be good.

It can't be worse than the official games :P

On a serious note, can they be sued or have this project shut down? If Bugthesda gets jealous that is.

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Yeah but.... the original Oblivion's plot was almost as bad as Skyrim's. 🐉😅 (Almost. Comparing the two I did at least go all the way through Oblivion's plot. Once. Won't ever finish Skyrim's idiot main plot. 😆)

I personally prefer the Beyond Skyrim approach as it doesn't retread where we've already been.

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