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Fallout & Fallout 2 and mods

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If you're still interested in playing the original games here are a few mods to try, they are both good mods with substantial content...

Fallout 1.5: Resurrection (website)

Fallout of Nevada (see NMA General Modding section)


Nevada, which I've currently been playing, is actually a Russian mod with somewhat complete English translation. Takes place in the same region with additional cities such as Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. See the LP video below. It's a bit tricky to install as you have to install English translation files on top of the actual game. There are multiple ways to download it. I got it from this link. You should also download this patch and this script fix (which goes into \master.dat\text\english\dialog\ folder). Read the readme inside the Translation Patch.zip first! I recommend installing it into a VM like I always do. I'm using my own scripts (perk for each level, gain more XP etc.) they all seem to work with Nevada. Let me know if you want them too.

If only Fallout 2 was easier to mod and had proper tools for modding...


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