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[Sims 4] Kendo 2's FUCK YOU EA Massive file Dump

Kendo 2

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[Sims 4] Kendo 2's FUCK YOU EA Massive file Dump

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This is everything I've ever made for Sims 4.  Some of it you may already have and a lot of it I know you don't because it was (at one time) my personal shit.

So..just...WHY?  Because of all the dirt that came out about how EA conducts themselves after ME:Andromeda was released.  REALLY EA?  Okay...

AND because EA is a massive cluster fuck of diversity-hire-SJW-stupidity and I refuse to mod for or support a company like that.  I don't care what you think about it or me, so FUCK YOU.

NO, there will be not screenshots and NO I do not care what you do with these files.  Again, FUCK YOU for playing an EA game and supporting their narrow-minded SJW Lib-tard corporate culture.  You should be goddamned ashamed of yourselves.  But what do I know?  I'm just some faggot who knows how to mod.


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