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Patreon Cracking Down on 'Adult Content'

Kendo 2

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It seems Patreon has some new community guidelines.

Prohibited content now includes; graphic violence, bestiality, incest, rape/non-consensual sex, exploitation of children, and so on.  They are extending these restrictions to art forms, including CGI imagery.  That means video game content, which would fall under "illustrated, animated, and otherwise" from the new guidelines.

These new guidelines go beyond the 'flagging' system already in place for adult content.  The new prohibited content is just that; prohibited from the Patreon community.  And the process of account suspensions has already started.


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Yep, just a matter of time before this happened... it makes sense. Paypal what most use for Patron doesn't allow such content for their services. (as far as I am aware) so it was just a short time before this happened. Guess Patron decided it was more important to keep Paypal happy and not seek out alternate forms or ways of servicing the people who pay for their services that would allow such content (or at least some of it) from being able to stay.

Wonder if/when some other company will step in and take over for this. I have heard of some but not sure if they are fake / fraud or the real thing.

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On 8/30/2021 at 11:41 PM, ayushiest said:

Today i bought a patreon member ship for one month does it end in 4 days the first September? or will i have it for a month!

I would suggest that you ask the Patron that you are supporting when the bill will be up again. There might be different time frames for these things. 

Some ideas I have on the matter: (Not directed at @ayushiest

I'd also suggest that you do a couple of months worth of Patron for anyone you are wanting to support unless it is a thank you $ contribution payment.  Often there are tiers and sometimes people pay to get something out of the Patron and then cancel when they have gotten what they wanted. This is perfectly fine, but not nice. It could backfire in the future and people may start changing things and what they do  and in the end make things more complex and troublesome.

For Thank You contributions or giving a Patron some assistance for something they might need or have asked for I'd suggest that you post a message or something as well thanking them and letting them know what you have done. This would let them know it is a more short term support and such so that they can better manage their contributions and expectations.

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