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Custom Hairs Fixes 2

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  • These and almost all custom hairs work perfectly fine for day-to-day simming but when you mix them with custom animations some issues might appear:
  • Deformation of the whole hair or sections of it. This happens by including 'root_bind' on the weight paint, I quintuple checked if it's needed and found hair will behave exactly the same without it         
  • Clipping behind the neck
  • Depending on the position/camera angle you can see gaps that show the whole skull
  • The hair mesh doesn’t cover the scalp texture (this one is not attributable to custom animations it just happens I’m able to fix it to some degree).
  • I also might do some other small modifications


  • Even when I modified the name and thumbnail to reflect that these aren’t the originals, the “hashes” remain the same so these are effectively ‘default replacements’
  • Delete the originals and copy these on your mod folder, the game should load the fixed meshes automatically. If you want to be double sure delete your ‘Worldcaches’ if there’s a sim(s) in your world(s) that use any of these hairs
  • If you’re going to install them for the first time just delete you ‘CASPartCache’

The zip contains:

  • Peggy FH154
  • Anto Lola, converted by Chazybazzy
  • LittleSimsAFHair, converted by Sonyasims
  • SClub N81, retextured by IfcaSims


  • Peggy’s FH154 just required smooth weight paint but neither s3pe nor tsrw fully recognized the package so I extracted the mesh, remade the bone paint, compressed the control texture to reduce size and compiled everything into a new package. This made the polycount doubled to 9,076 because Peggy used wizardry to make hair meshes with only one face which I cannot reproduce, yet. Also there are some transparency issues with the small strands surrounding the hair
  • Lola has a new diffuse and normalmap made from Pastry-Box’s control, also reduced the size of the front strands so they don’t clip with extra-large boobs made with custom sliders. Weight paint was remade
  • For LittleSimsAFHair I removed ‘root-bind’ from the weight paint
  • N81 had big gaps above each shoulder and behind the back. I duplicated some faces to cover these areas and remade the weigh paint. There are some transparency issues on the forehead area but those come from the unique way the mesh was made, I think
  • I only modified the main mesh (LOD0 or LOD1)
  • Removed the ‘valid for random’ category and added ‘valid for pregnant’
  • Requests will be ignored.


  • Peggy, Anto, Littlesims, SClub, Chazybazzy, Sonaysims, IfcaSims

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