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5 hours ago, vancleef said:


if he didn't want to be called a pervert, he should have just bough a very soft sock... :blink:

women can buy a full "stud" (body with large exchangeable dick) and not be called anything negative. A guy just thinks of something, not even buying anything, even the act it self is called "sick"...

and women complain about "double standards" :(

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That's the final string... I'm going MGTOW now.


Or...OR! He's trying to go MGTOW and she's steering him off course. :D


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When certain conservative white knights fail to do some research when you point out that Candace is a con artist. You'd think a real conservatives would actually be against doxxing sites that go after anyone's free speech.

I've been blacklisting every youtube channel that gives this idiot the time of day. FOX, Paul Joseph Watson, InfoWars and others know about her past and I've pointed out that it's because of a lot of cucks on the right that have given her the fame she has now she's enjoying being a fake conservative for the fame and money.

Her and Kanye, both fake ass conservatives.

Sorry didn't mean to rant, but some of those on the right that worship this chick thinks she's sincere about being "red pilled".

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