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The Inventor of the World Wide Web Creates an Alterantive; SOLID

Kendo 2

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Not going to comment on an idea without seeing how it's implemented... but just want to mention that the last time I heard about Berners-Lee, he approved a DRM standard for the Web, namely EME (Encrypted Media Extensions), which was "supported by Netflix, Google, Microsoft, and Apple, as well as the Motion Picture Association of America, all of whom made financial contributions to the W3C"...

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I have read about this a couple of months ago around when that article was released.  I haven't seen or herd much else after it. The applications and such are still "on their way" among other things. 

I am not skilled enough to check out the Git HUB program and what is going on to see if it is improving there.  I would have hoped that there were some demos and other articles being released hyping the development of this project (provided it is able to continue)

One thing to keep in mind... You own the data.. doesn't mean nobody else gets access to it. Imagine the situation where you have to agree to allow access to get access to a service or anything else. Without it... you got shit.  They won't work. Imagine it like a EULA without agreeing to it... you don't (generally and legaly) get access to the program. Same with this.  I also imagine lots of phishing and unlike some companies.. even though you can't go a month without hearing of a hack.. they are more skilled at keeping data secure than the average person when it comes to phishing.  However, I would like one if it became more mainstream and secure. (open sources ) etc.

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On 12/20/2018 at 6:07 PM, ritualclarity said:

I think most people have forgotten about it :( Sad...

It's been popping up all over Facebook this past week. After the Twits and Twats started censoring their platforms, people are looking for an alternative. 

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      NOTE: The study is in its original and unedited format.  I included it so there will be no question as to the veracity of the Gizmodo article's claims.
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