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TES 6 is Not in Development According to Pete Hines

Kendo 2

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Reported by both gamespot and PCGamer, TES 6 is not in development according to Bethesda VP of marketing Pete Hines.  The subject came up after a series of Tweets by Hines and was later verified an clarified by Hines in a statement to PCGamer.  This directly conflicts with previous statements made by Bethesda game designer Todd Howard at a D.I.C.E 2016 interview, where he confirmed development for TES6.

So what does this spell for a TES6 release date?  Don't hold your breath.  Given the standard Bethesda 3 year game release cycle, FO4 was released on Nov 10th, 2015.  'Starcraft' will be released in the Fall of 2018 and TES6 will hit the shelves in 2021.



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2021 is a long ways off. And that's also 10 years from Skyrim.

Something tells me that at some point they will remaster Fallout 3. I don't know, I get the impression they will. And it would make sense since Fallout 3 is basically their first developed Fallout game. As long as it's a remaster and not a remake, I'm fine with that. I'll be damned if they made a Fallout 3 remake and turns out like Fallout 4.

edit: eh... but then again, even if they just remasted FO3, they would taint that game with their Beth.net and their new innovative paid mods.... Ah well.

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2 hours ago, Doublezero said:

I'm getting sick of that company.

And how much 'legs' does Skyrim have?  I don't think Bethesda is worried about their core fan base or the people who love The Elder Scrolls.  I think they are banking on the goldfish-level attention spans of casual and normie gamers.  By the time TES6 is rolled out 10 years will have pasted since Skyrim was released.  That is a long time in today's 'now-now-now' instant gratification culture.  Starcraft will most likely be something similar to FO4 in space.  IF that's the case it will be a pain in the ass to mod and not worth the effort.  A Bethesda game has one draw, and that is 'you can mod it'.  Hamper it like FO4 did and Bethesda has nothing to offer.

And I have the feeling no one of consequence will be talking about Starcraft next year, if CDRed releases Cyberpunk 2077 on schedule.  It will be a replay of the 2015 Witcher3 vs FO4.

EDIT: endgame beat me to the punch with Skyrim being 10 yrs old when TES6 is released. ¬¬

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